Bengals RB Bernard will be absent for 2-4 weeks due to a knee injury cheap jerseys wholesale


The Bengals had to reschedule the RB lineup.

Although Joe Mixon has recovered from a knee injury, his main backup was missed for a few weeks.

According to NFL Network reporter Tom Pelissero, running back Giovanni Bernard will be absent for 2-4 weeks due to a knee collateral ligament sprain.

The Tigers' rushing offense is currently ranked 22nd in the league, and Bernard's absence is aggravated. Although Mickson's explosive power is strong, Bernard can also share a authentic stitched jerseys from china lot of pressure for him. In the 3rd and 4th week of Mickson's absence, Bernard pushed a total of 182 yards (130 yards for the ball) and 3 touchdowns.

Bernard may have to wait until the 10th week sports jerseys wholesale to return to the team due to the Bengals 9th weeks absent.

Brees become the new code king of the NFL Alliance,someone believe that the Red Team deliberately sent Briss reached this achievement in prime time cheap jerseys from china

On Monday night in the US local time, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees passed a 62-yard touchdown pass, breaking the record of the total passing code maintained by Payton-Manning. (71940 yards), and this has become the new code king of the NFL Alliance.

After Bryce broke the record, many American sports stars and entertainment industry people expressed congratulations to him through various channels. However, some American media and former NFL players believe that the Red Team deliberately sent  Briss reached this achievement in prime time.. The 10th professional bowl offensive tackle Joe Thomas said: "The @redskins has a very intimate tactic of 11 people, let @Drew-Bris break the NFL pass yard record. This makes I thought about how @Bret-Favre made @Michael Strahan create a killing record."

Bloody return , Watt returned to the peak level will win back to a pot. cheap jerseys direct

The bloody return of Watt will hit two awards this season. In the competition for the best defensive player of the year, this year's new franchise team's Karel-Mark is now leading the league in data and highlights. After most of the season, Mark's performance turned cold, and Watt still had the opportunity to compete for DPOY. In the annual Dongshan Re-start Awards, the major competitors such as Rogers, David Johnson, and Beckham performed just plain before the season, and Watt returned to the peak level from the data. It seems that Watt is about to win back to a pot.

Teach you to watch NFL game,What is defensive influence? cheap jerseys wholesale

– On the defensive front, not only to complete anti-run and rushing work, but also to change the opponent's offensive position, offensive style and offensive direction.

—Because the linebacker not only has to complete the cuddle once and for all, but also needs to contribute in rushing and marking. In addition, as the defensive core, the linebacker needs to use his own leadership to cheap chinese jersey sites drive his teammates. For example, the "Raytheon" Lewis of the year.

– At the cornerback, not the high number of interceptions is the excellent cornerback. It is the top influence to intimidate the opponents to pass the ball, such as the "Death of Death" of cheap jersey wholesale in usa the year, Asomua and Richard Scherr. Man.

– For security guards, they don't need data to support themselves, and they don't just need to complete various kinds of defenses and interceptions. Instead, they cover the two defense zones of the inner line guard and the security guard by one person, such as the Pora horse of the year. Lu and Harrison-Smith of the last season.

Again on the sacking list ,Watt’s anti-run performance will come to the worst season of his career, only able to kill the data? cheap chinese jersey sites

In the fall of 2018, Watt once again climbed the top spot in the authentic stitched jerseys from china long-lost league sacking list.

However, I am going to release a chart based on the professional football focus website. Friends who love Watt may be slightly disappointed:

If the two seasons of season reimbursement are made, Watt's anti-run performance will come to the worst season of his career, and the efficiency of the pass will only be better than the rookie season. Isn't Watt an ordinary defender who only wants to kill the data?

JJ Watt Phoenix Nirvana,efficient rushing has become the mainstay of the team. cheap jersey wholesale in usa

If the number of killings of his younger brother TJ Watt is based on the system of steelman's "multiple assaults and rumors", then in the bad rushing system of the Texans, JJ Watt's efficient rushing has become the mainstay of the team. This article will talk to you about the story of JJ Watt Phoenix Nirvana:

Entering the league in 2011, will enter the 30th birthday next spring, how did Watt become a veteran suddenly? Haruki Murakami said: I always thought that people are getting old, but it is not. People are getting old for a moment. In the impression that he just completed the miracle of the "Best Defensive Player" for four years, how did Watt get older in a flash?

In the fall of 2016, because of the long-term strain on the back, it was impossible to continue the game. Watt did a back surgery and was reimbursed for the season. In the fall of 2017, in the fifth week against the Chiefs, Watt was reimbursed again because of a broken fracture of the left leg. In the season when the autumn wind is bleak, Watt always ends his season inadvertently. Although in 2017, Watt, with social influence, tried to cheap jerseys from china raise $40 million for the reconstruction of Hurricane after the authentic stitched jerseys from china disaster in Houston, which made him elected "Walter-Peton Person of the Year" – this is even on the field. It’s hard to get the awards that are hard to get, but what we miss even more is Watt’s bravery on the court.

In the authentic stitched jerseys from china fall of 2018, Watt once again climbed the top spot in the long-lost league sacking list.

brothers both on the league sacking list, is watt but not Wright brothers invention of the aircraft cheap jerseys from china

In this week's league event, Bryce overtook the big Manning jumped into the historical passing king and was swept by the screen. In fact, there are still some big events worthy of people to remember. After five weeks,on  the league sacking list, three of them were 6.0. The second killing of the gimmick, one is the Tigers will be Keno Atkins, while the other two are: Justin James-Watt and Trent Jordan-Watt – a pair born in Pewaukee, Wisconsin Watt brothers. Well, how are you familiar? To find out, the invention of the steam engine called Watt, the invention cheap jerseys direct of cheap jerseys from china the aircraft called the Wright brothers.

the Patriots and chiefs play poisonous milk battle,have had a lot of murders cheap chinese jersey sites

Every time I meet a strong enemy, the Patriots’ coaches are “modest” to the players, and they strongly praise their opponents in all aspects. Then they call the opponents to numb and defeat them. This is the so-called “first to kill”. In other words, the Patriots always like to give their opponents a big bit of "poisonous milk". The Patriots cheap jerseys online seem to trust this kind of operation with some oriental metaphysical colors. They always get good after the "poisonous milk" opponents. However,the Chiefs Mahoms was not stunned by the opponent's sweet words, but calmly touted the authentic stitched jerseys from china Patriots.

Looking at the scenes of the chiefs and patriots who were crazy about each other before the game, they had to admire the language ability of the players of the two teams. It is really top-notch, and it is really omnipotent to praise the opponent. However, it is obvious that the chieftain has made sufficient preparations for the Patriots' "virulent milk" skills. In order to cope with the patriots' touts, the chiefs also used "poisonous milk" to return to the patriots. The so-called "the terracotta warriors have not moved, the poisoned milk first", unlike other NFL players like to release to the opponent before the game, "I am a powerful, I just want to blow you", the patriots and the chiefs authentic stitched jerseys from china It’s a perfect interpretation of “commercial blows”. The game has not yet begun, and the two teams have had a lot of murders in this authentic stitched jerseys from china poisonous milk battle.

strongest tight-end matchup,Glonkowski and Kelsey ” tout “each other authentic stitched jerseys from china

The New England Patriots will be welcoming the Kansas City Chiefs' team this season. There is also a "strongest tight-end matchup" for the cheap chinese jerseys game, and Glonkowski and Kelsey. The near end is also inevitably compared by people. However, there is no smell of gunpowder between the two, and they are constantly "fueling up" for each other. Grondu deliberately put down his stance and learned Brady and Billicek's language to tout a wave of Kelsey. "What is ranked is the cloud, I admire him is authentic stitched jerseys from china a great player. He knows how to run and open his opponent. I like watching him play, he is a great genius, you can learn a lot from him. .

"However, these will only make Kelsey more "modest". He has already expressed his admiration for Gron early: "Gron is like a boulder that is rolling around. I am at most avoiding opponents or pushing away opponents on the court. But Gron can destroy everything!"

the Rams had a five-game winning streak,but also paid a lot cheap jerseys direct

In the face of a four-inch conversion of the four-speed, the Rams made an adventurous choice, Jared Goff went forward to get the first attack, the team also had a five-game winning streak, but this victory also let  ram paid a lot, and the two big wide receivers, Blanding-Cooks and Cooper-Koop, entered the concussion agreement. The Seahawks should get some encouragement from this authentic stitched jerseys from china defeat. Their gap with the Rams is not as great as people think, and the team's offensive efficiency is very good. After the game, Pete Carroll was very excited: "You know who we are, we know who we are, we just just got hot."