Tuesday’s injury review: Engram’s knee injury has recovered authentic stitched jerseys from china


Giant coach Schumer said on Tuesday that the near-end Engram has shown a complete recovery in training on Tuesday and added that he may return to the game on Thursday night.

Engram's reaction to training may determine whether he can return this week. After the injury to cheap jersey wholesale in usa the medial collateral ligament of the knee in the third week of the game, he missed the game that the Giants lost in the past two games, and his initial return time plan was within two to four weeks.

In December last year, Engram completed eight catches in a game against the Hawks, pushing a total of 87 yards. In this game, his possible return is really good news for Eli Manning and other offensive members who face the defensive front of the Hawks.

Here are the trackings of other injuries in the league on Tuesday:

1. The chieftain placed the guard Laurent Duvernay-Tardif on the injury reserve list. He suffered a fracture of the tibia during the fifth week of the game.

2. Houston Texas cornerback Kayvon Webster was injured in the quadriceps in a cowboy game on Sunday and entered the injury reserve list. He has just completed his season's debut since he recovered from the Achilles tendon.

3. Seahawk linebacker K.J. Wright (knee) will not play on Sunday. After the knee surgery, Wright has not yet passed.

Which teams will compete for the No. 1 pick? cheap jerseys direct

Brown – Although Brown's lineup has been strengthened (as in constant years), there is still no one or a certain number of core players who can lead the team to win. Brown can win three or four games. Burning high incense, but this number is still the result of competing for the champion.

Dolphins – In the offseason, they lost the stars such as Damcon-Su, Jarvis-Landry, and the free-market stunned, and the season will continue to make the last season seriously injured Ryan Tanniel Sitting in the core position, the dolphins will be the biggest contender for Brown's "contention".

Pony and Lions – These two teams are very similar, relying on their respective quarterbacks, and the weakness of the defensive team is worrying. If the quarterback accidentally falls, the two teams will have a hard time winning.

Seahawks – The sea eagle experienced a large brain drain during the offseason, and they seem to be consciously clearing the veteran for salary balance, just like the 49 people three years ago, the dynasty team that collapsed in an instant may be in the new season.

Defenders are prosperous, who is the leader? authentic stitched jerseys from china

In recent years, "Raytheon" Lewis, "Death Rolling" Dwight-Frini, "Clip King" Ed Reid, "Bubbly Head" Troy-Polamalu, Patrick Willis The gradual retirement of "Island Lord" Darrell-Reeves and others seems to have entered a famine era of defensive stars. You may not know that the 2018 season has gradually entered the golden age of a defensive team.

– Inside the defender, Watt doesn't have to say that Aaron Donald and Damcon-Sue are gathered together like a cheap jerseys direct dragon and a phoenix.

— The outside defenders, von Miller and Joey Bosa, are both in the West End of the United States. Carrill-Mark went to the Bears team and it seems that the team will create all the opportunities for him to cheap jerseys online brush the data.

– The lineback is slightly weaker, but there are still many people who think that Luke Kickley is the strongest defender and the best leader.

– Marcus Pites, Patrick Peterson and Jay Ramsey are all "closed corner guards" in the cornerback position.

– In the security position, the Vikings' Harrison-Smith's defensive area can almost reposition the security cheap chinese jersey sites guard position.

– Veterans such as Terrell-Saggs and Julius-Peppers are still playing the heat. Many of the above players have the potential to be selected for the professional bowl in the future. I believe their presence will allow you to focus more on the defensive team.

Who will become the code king in the offensive data? cheap jersey wholesale in usa

Passing the code king – the system is extremely biased to pass, Malvern-Jones and Gordon Tate two thousand yards catchers, plus the rising Kenny Goredi three arrows, three years old Matt Stafford is likely to be the passer of the new season.

The rushing code king – for a longer and bigger contract, Levião Bell has no reason not to make all efforts. As I said earlier, the importance of David Johnson in the Cardinals attack system can not be ignored. In addition, the number one receiver Marquis Lee was reimbursed for the season, it seems that the Jaguar's offense will be centered around Leonard-Fonette.

The catching code king – it seems sports jerseys wholesale that the world's strongest two catchers Antonio Brown and Julio Jones will remain the most powerful contender for the code king, and De Andre Hopkins (Texas) It is as fierce as the momentum of Michael Thomas (Saints). As mentioned above, Beckham, who has just signed a record high and an annual salary, is sure to stand up and prove his strength with data.

Many people who are injured and wounded, who can really make a comeback? cheap jerseys direct

Last season, the number of superstars reimbursed for injuries and injuries is too numerous. Can they make a comeback this season?

Aaron Rogers – Last season was not the first serious injury in his career. According to previous years' experience and he is still at the peak of his career, Rogers' return to full blood is almost no problem, because he has Jimmy Graham and Davant- Adams' two big-zone killers, Rogers, who just signed a super contract, may even hit the MVP.

Carson-Wentz – cheap jerseys online the knee injury at the end of last season, so that Wentz still failed to return to the preseason battlefield, but the knee injury for the quarterback, it will not be a devastating injury, the text I can continue to rest for a month, and wait until the state is 100% to lead the Hawks to the playoffs. It may be a better choice for him personally.

Andrew Luck – Just two or three months ago, people were still worried that Lack's shoulder injury would directly let him say goodbye to the football field, but the last three preseason games proved that this is comparable to the big Manning. "The pride of the sky" will certainly rise in the season after the serious injury.

David Johnson – The preseason Cardinals is in a state of strict protection for the DJ, but can see that Mike McCoy's new offensive system relies on an elite running back, so private prediction, DJ Will be copied in the new season two years ago catching the ball + rushing 2000 yards 20 touchdown season.

Beckham – Although it has not appeared in the preseason game so far, in the training before the start of the game, Beckham can complete the iconic vacant one-handed catch, and cheap jerseys direct recently just renewed a large one hundred million yuan. The contract, said that it is not practicing the fake style, I believe that the competitive state of Beckham has completely recovered.

J.J. Watt – Watt has played in the third week of the preseason and is in good shape. Nothing is more than three, Watt can not be seriously injured for the third consecutive season, with his personal ability, just return to the peak state of 80%, this is the strength of the league's top defenders.

the biggest quarterback year,the results of the rookie quarterbacks are very much worth looking forward to. authentic stitched jerseys from china

This year's draft is recognized as the biggest quarterback since 2012, so the results of the rookie quarterbacks are very much worth looking forward to.

No. 1 pick Baker Mayfair has proved through three playoff games that he is not dependent on the university system. If he can get started early, then as a leader he can connect his teammates very well, whether on the court or in the locker room. . The Jets are ready to make the show-show Sam Darnold a start-up quarterback, but his status seems to be a bad one and a cheap jerseys from china long-term observation of the regular season. Josh Allen's performance on the 7th preseason show is in line with people's expectations, full of strength, but the accuracy is indeed not. As for the 10th show Josh Rosen and the 32nd show Lamar Jackson, Rosen is like a college player in the face of pressure, and sports jerseys wholesale Jackson does not seem to have learned how to pass the ball in the pocket.

Mayfield and Darnold will soon adapt to the rhythm of the NFL, but after half a season, perhaps another good time for the quarterback to get on the stage.

to fight for the best defensive rookie.? Take out 10 kills first to see. cheap jersey wholesale in usa

The restraint pass is not only a cornerback, but also a passer. In a sense, there is a way to get more outspoken. Recalling the fierce rush of the Hawks last season, the quarterback often had to pass the ball under great pressure, drop the ball, and even be killed. That's why Joey Bosa, Garrett and Chabu's rushing masters in the drafts will be authentic stitched jerseys from china picked early. Personally think that Chabu's strength is not as good as the first two players, and interestingly, his play in the cheap jerseys online preseason is not good authentic stitched jerseys from china enough (3 games and 0.5 kills), but there is a wonderful play on the run. For a passer-by, it’s also a icing on the cake to fight for the best defensive rookie. Take out 10 kills first to see. But who knows, when the von Miller array formed a double ghost on the other side at the beginning of the season, perhaps Chabu would get more space.

a “fake” safety back, true corner back?Mingka-Fitzpatrick prove the correct decision of the team cheap chinese jerseys

The security guard is indeed not subject to the award, but if the player is a "fake" security guard, true corner guard? Mingka-Fitzpatrick played in the preseason: At the University of Alabama, he had 64% of his time in the cheap jerseys online corner guard, but in the first three games of the preseason, the dolphins made him 86% In the time of the slot guard. He also used his own play to prove the correct decision of the team: 14 yards in the direction of his direction. The right place for you may be the key to getting Mingka out of the "safe magic spell." Remember the Bills rookie Vieiras-White, who was defending Gleon last season? He ranked second in the awards last season. Of course, his authentic stitched jerseys from china success is undoubtedly the result of a good season, but if you keep Gron up, you will always get a lot of impressions. And Mingka will have two chances to achieve this goal next season.

Smith’s signing has been dragged to the last minute, still think he is a strong contender for the best defensive rookie of the season. sports jerseys wholesale

Even if Smith's signing has been dragged to the last minute, even the new helmet rules introduced this season may have some impact on Smith, even if we can see Smith in the playoffs against Oklahoma University in the playoffs last season. When the opponent's offensive line opened for the difficult scene, I still think he is a strong contender for the best defensive rookie of the season. The reasons are still repeated: a linebacker that fits the new era, and the number of missed cuddles in the entire career (6 times in total), for authentic stitched jerseys from china the correct reading on the field, and proof in the top university competition I am myself. Although Smith's run-in with the defensive team may be a problem, Smith authentic stitched jerseys from china should have plenty of opportunities to impress the judges in the squad of the lineback.

Josh Jackson still maintained a very high defensive efficiency. has proved his strength. authentic stitched jerseys from china

Cornerback rookie Josh Jackson had some mistakes in the first week of the game (missing cuddles, illegal blocking), but still maintained a very high defensive efficiency. In the two-week game against the Steelers, Jackson completed the interception and return to the touchdown, and also completed the interception in the third week of the raiders, although it was blown off due to teammates' fouls. But this has proved his strength. In the last game, he only made 13 appearances and released a catch, but if he was given more chances, he would complete the interception again. Although according to the "rules" summarized above, Alexander may be more likely to cheap jerseys wholesale win than Jackson, but with Jackson's strength, it is really difficult for me to ignore him.