Big Ben determined to lose weight and attack the third super bowl of the individual sports jerseys wholesale

The Pittsburgh Steelers have always had a tradition of crazy fitness. When James Harrison is still playing in the Steelers, the rusher is the most inspirational and passionate player on the team. His daily training is Roll over one of the largest weight exercise equipment. Now, the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Rothsberg seems to have inherited this kind of fitness tradition. In this offseason, Big Ben is determined to start losing weight. The quarterback knows that he is too big. The body has been unable to support his current career. Today's Ben-Rossberg is at the end of his athletic career. The quarterback's overweight weight has had some impact on his career in recent years, with recurring knee and ankle injuries. This is overwhelmed, and the weight has already caused his body to start alarming. Only weight loss can make him more durable.


So Big Ben continued to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and fat, while at the same time in the team's gym. It’s so inspiring to know that a team’s quarterback is in the team’s gym every day, especially the veteran like Rosleysberg first made such a model when the Steelers were young. When the players saw that Big Ben was crazy in the gym, it would not only surprise people, but also stimulate the will of each player.

"I saw Big Ben doing this exercise in the gym. It was really helpful for our team. Now we often see him in the gym, which makes our hearts full of fighting spirit, because he puts his body and health The first place, so we have to work hard to learn from Big Ben."

For Big Ben’s move, Darius-Hayward-Bei, who is also a veteran, first praised him: “I have seen many players secretly surprised at the big practice. In fact, if you want to maintain the cheap jerseys from china long-term peak, We must do something similar to ensure the state. When we see that Big Ben is training in a crazy way, we will think: 'Oh my God, he is 36 years old, still working so hard, I have to Like him!'"


Big Ben continued to lose weight during this offseason. This is not to say that the veteran would not have exercised in the gym before, but this time in the offseason, the number of times he appeared in cheap chinese jerseys the gym was more frequent, which made the Steelers players remembered James Harrison that year. Think about it. If Big Ben’s career can maintain this frequency of exercise, then he probably won’t get the nickname of “Big Ben”. The benefits of Big Ben's repeated access to the gym were directly reflected in the training camp. He was beaten to the ground by his teammates during the training last week. At that time, the team's team doctors suspected that Big Ben had suffered a concussion, but after careful observation, Big Ben only suffered authentic stitched jerseys from china some sports jerseys wholesale minor injuries. And after losing weight, Big Ben is lighter in training and shows a whole new state, and Big Ben feels his body is stronger than ever.

"I feel great, my arm is stronger than ever. After training, I have to apply ice to my arm many times, but in the training camp, I only apply ice once, which means my arm. The status is getting younger and younger," Big Ben is eager to win the third Super Bowl champion. Now he wants to delay the scars caused by time. "It is a great thing to knock out the rust on my body." .

The process of the Redskins from bad to bad is unacceptable cheap jersey wholesale in usa

With regard to the benefits of rugby, everything goes well, it allows you to overreact to a single game and a small sample. The absolute worst thing about rugby, when everything goes wrong, it will make you overreact to a single game and a small sample.

Then the Washington Redskins, along with their frustrating expertise, added another level of soberness to the experience: once again to control the short-term seesaw, and know that there is nearly 20 years of chaotic evidence that this small part of the mistake will become a Kill the monster of another season.

The problem with this team's 2018 version was not that it played so badly in the second (at home) game, and it didn't diminish, it eliminated all the good feelings of the first victory. That is to say, when players and coaches prepare for the third game of 16 games, they must also deal with public suspicion and suspicion, which seems to be an invincible enemy for this team. Not only can they be one of more than a dozen teams, they try to find out the identity and consistency of a sport that makes a living from weekly mood swings. After so many failures, bad news and loss of faith, Washington has fallen into an existential crisis. The burden of this team is to become better, to make people who follow them feel better, and at all Repressed anger and pessimism before doing this to stifle the hopes that existed a week ago.

This will be the case until Washington shows that it can be repeated successfully in the owner Daniel Snyder. It seems that the most important struggle for stability in the Snyder era has begun. The fan base, or at least the part of its payment, is eroding and the team can no longer cover it. The FedEx pitch's empty seats became a national story on Sunday, when the crowd at home opener was announced at 57,013, the team's lowest season starter in the 21-year season.

Brian Lafimmina, the new president of commercial operations, is working hard to improve the way games are presented in Washington, and by treating some issues honestly, he is also attractive to the humanity of Burgundy and the Golden population. Sometimes it is best to minimize arrogance and come to the crowd with humility to seek help. There is a feeling that franchises are now listening and are willing to change for people, rather than assuming that it always knows what is best for them.

Now, the team may seem like a laughing stock that has to bear its problems, but transparency may be a good thing in the long run. But there is a suggestion: Don't back down because of current criticism, and try to ease negative emotions by exaggerating family attendance. This strategy will undermine any goodwill that may be generated by honesty.

On Sunday, the crowd will once again be a story, because Green Bay fans travel like anyone in the sports world. If Washington can't play well, they will be louder than the Indianapolis Colts fans. Their cheers are The final stage of the competition stood out in the week. However, this happens when the franchise fails and is humiliated for a long time due to drama and dysfunction. If the organization ultimately corrects it seriously, it is not easy to recognize the truth and open the curtains during the transition.

Of course, the overall situation is not entirely related to the current team. It just hopes to win a victory to eliminate the negative impact of the Indianapolis 21-9 loss. The timetable is getting tougher: the next three opponents (Green Bay, New Orleans and Carolina) have a playoff record and excellent overall talent. The reasonable risk of starting slowly will turn the work of Jay Gruden and President Bruce Allen into a huge story. But Gruden did some of his best work during the stressful period. Although you know the team's poor modern history, this season is very young, and this 1-1 team's resume has a significant performance. Every low point makes the conversation hard here. But panic at this point is ridiculous.

"After Arizona's first week of victory, I don't think anyone has reached any conclusions," Gruden told his team. "We are very happy and won our first victory, but we know that this is a long season, and many things will happen. We will encounter many different types of adversity, injuries, wins and losses, we must Handle it better.

“As far as our identity and what we are good at, we are still in the early stages of the season, especially in terms of offense, but we are working in this direction. From a skill point of view, we feel quite right about where we are. That's right, but now it's time to put them in the right place, make them more comfortable, and switch on the third reduction. I think this has always been a work in progress. Every week is a different challenge."

If you want to read too much in two games, it's only fair to include this positive bullion: Washington, the NFL's defense for most of the past decade, leading the league in the third week. Only 247 yards per game are allowed. Both Arizona and Indianapolis failed to reach 300 yards with Washington. So far, only the Los Angeles Rams with Superman defense are much less than the Washington team.

Of course, discount baseball jerseys it's easy to counterattack: the Cardinals and the Colts will face most of the defense this season. But the point is that an overreaction will not be more or less legal for another overreaction. You can talk about lack of trouble; I can tell you that the defensive only allows 161 yards to pass, the most embarrassing in the National Football League, if the goal is to limit the pass, then the players perform very well.

If Washington continues to lack identity and vertical pass on the offensive end, it will be hit hard this season. On the other hand, if the defense continues to play the best defense in the league, even if the offensive struggles, the team will be very competitive.

After two weeks, the only conclusion is that you should let more seasons end before making any conclusions. This is reasonable, but since Washington has failed for a long time, it is almost impossible.

Therefore, every unstable week will feel the future of the franchise is threatened. Following a fickle team, there is a good record recently, which is a good thing. This is an absolute worst thing, focusing on a fickle team and having a record of fickleness recently.

But, hey, if the franchise still allows you to see it, at the stadium or at home, this may be better than it is now.

Falcons’ Damonta Katz is fined for hitting Cam Newton. cheap chinese jerseys

Atlanta – Falcon security team member Qazi was fined $1,026 by the National Football League (NFL). On Sunday, Kazi's helmet hit the Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and was expelled for unnecessary rudeness. His overall performance left a deep impression on the scouts and improved his draft stock. He is one of 35 university full-backs who were invited to participate in the National Football League scouting tournament in Indianapolis, Indiana.

He completed most of the joint training, but chose to skip the short shuttle and the cheap jerseys online three cone training. On March 23, 2017, Qazi participated in San Diego State University's career day, but he chose to stand on his own digital portfolio and conducted scouts and team representatives for the 29 US National Football League teams participating in the competition. including Position training, short shuttle and three-cone training, including Gus Bradley, the defensive coordinator of the Los Angeles Chargers. At the end of the draft, Damanta Kazi was predicted by most NFL draftists and scouts to be the fourth or fifth round.

Qazi entered the training camp and competed with Brian Poole for the position of the starting guard. Head coach Dan Quinn chose to move him to a free and safe position in July, and Qazi showed confidence in his new role throughout the training camp. He was named a substitute free agent for Ricardo Allen in the 2017 season.

In the season's first game of the Atlanta Falcons against the Chicago Bears, he completed his professional season debut. In this 23-17 win, he completed two singles and one turnover. On October 1, 2017, after Ricardo Allen was unable to play due to the concussion of the previous week, Kazi ushered in his first career start. He completed the Falcons' 23-17 loss to the Buffalo Bills, and also completed a season-high 9 steals and a compelling mistake. He completed 23 steals this season (14 singles) and was forced to concede twice in a starter and 16 games.

In the second week against the Carolina Panthers, Qazi was expelled for hitting the helmet with a helmet hitting Camm Newton. However, the Falcons won 31 to 24. A person familiar with the matter told ESPN that Damonta Katz plans to appeal the fine. The league has not taken any further discipline against Qazi, and Qazi will return to the starting lineup this week in South-South and New Orleans. When Newton slid to the ground, Katz leaned into contact with the helmet, causing the quarterback to go to the sideline for medical staff.

The Panthers' successor, Tory Smith, followed Chaz, while the Falcons' defensive end, Tacalilist McKinley, pursued Smith. Both players were fined $1,026 for their actions. On Friday, Smith said on Twitter that if Kazi hit another quarterback, his fine would be higher. McKinley also commented on Twitter, he wrote: "There was finally 'okay, wait a minute." Kazi replied: "I will help you, brother." McKinley then wrote back: " Brotherhood, if necessary, I will do it again."

Damonta Kaz said in an interview with the media this week: "This is an exaggeration; I played too fast. I need to know when to shoot and when I should not. When he is taxiing, I am already in the air. I tried to lean to the sports jerseys wholesale left and smacked him with my mask. Apologize for all this. Newton said on Wednesday that he did not get an apology. "In the end, this is football," Newton said. "I am [Kaz] no offence. that is the truth. I am only focusing on the Cincinnati Bengals now and moving on.

The National Football League (NFL) imposed a fine of $1,026 on Qazi because Kazan Newton’s helmet was hit. Falcons coach Dan Quinn said that after watching the film, the team agreed to the request. Quinn said: "We fully support the appeal of the officials on the scene. "But the first person in the locker room to see everyone is Qazi. Of course he was very disappointed that he did not finish the game with his teammates. Show a lot about his teammates, what he represents. We will work hard to get his part of the game going smoothly. He will also. ”

Qazi was in the starting lineup last week because the Falcons lost strong security in the ACL tears before the end of the season. Damonta Kaz actually started with freedom and security, and Ricardo Allen turned to strong security from the beginning of freedom and security. Qazi was suspended in the preseason due to two helmet fouls, one of which led to Jacksonville's winged receiver Marquez Lee missing in the preseason due to a knee injury. Damanta Kaz was not fined for any violation.

Jet vs Brown, the champion pk the flower cheap chinese jerseys

The third week of the NFL2018-19 season will be officially launched in Cleveland, with the 634-day undefeated Brown team vs. the New York Jets led by the Daniel.


Key points:

One is watching, one is fighting

During the offseason, NFL schedule experts must have conceived the big show of the champion pk flower  in the design of the new season, so the game was specially arranged in the National Night Games on Thursday night. However, as the first quarterback to be selected in this year's draft, the situation will be very different at the beginning of the third week. Champion Lang Mayfield is still waiting for the last moment on the bench, and the flower show Danod has already squeezed Bridgewater, and the veteran McCain is behind him, becoming the absolute jet  core of the season..


In the first game of the season, Darnold stunned the league and led the team's 48-17 bloody Detroit Lions in the first game of the Monday night game with a quarterback score of 116.8. However, in the second week of the home opener, although Danod’s 334-yard career high, but 61% success rate and 2 interception data is still very eye-catching, the team lost to the doomed Miami Dolphins who have to draw another year. However, this week, facing the 23rd in the league's defense, Brown's performance space is infinite.

On the Brown side, Mayfield’s debut seems to be getting closer and closer. Tyrol Taylor, who switched from Bill to the offseason, is still so bad. It will not be a compliment to pass the passing success rate of more than 50%. Of course, Brown's opponents in the first two weeks are indeed strong. Steelers and saints are all teams that want to win the championship. It is a victory to lose only 3 points in two games. This week's face is not strong, but the second-line defensive league's eighth jet, Taylor's pressure is still not small. If you can't successfully lead the team to end the 634-day winning streak, perhaps Mayfield with the winning gene will save Cleveland from the sky.


The champion is not on the biography

Although,basically has authentic stitched jerseys from china no chance to compete with Darnold, don't forget, Brown also has this year's No. 4 show Denzel Ward. And Ward is the opponent who will be in direct dialogue with Danod. Ward completed two interceptions to detonate the first energy stadium in the cheap jerseys online first week of the pass, but in the second game against Bliss and the big outside Michael Thomas, Ward was completely blasted.  He was challenged seven times, defeated seven times, sending 71 yards and one touchdown. This ups and downs do not know which side he will show when facing Darnold. But at least one thing can make him not so nervous, that is, the external group of jets is really not the same.


Change clothes, old love

The Brown team, who is recruiting and recruiting in the offseason, will inevitably clean the old minister. Running back Isaiah-Crowell is one of them. After contributing 4 years of youth to Brown and leaving 3,255 yards of rushing data, Crowell brought the talent to the jet. As one of the jet double-runners, Crowell has not a lot of chances in every game, but discount baseball jerseys like the first 62-yard home-run rushing touchdown, he is difference from veteran Powell.  This battle is facing the old master, he is familiar with the road, he added the new season anti-running still has not improved the Brown defense team, Crowell is expected to beat the "heartless person."


Refusing to abuse vegetables

Although 0 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss and 1 win and 1 loss have no small difference, but the strength of Brown and the jet is between the two. Brown has been in the 30th in the past two weeks, the 22nd on the road, the 23rd in the anti-transmission and the anti-run is the 23rd, but the ugly data is blamed on the "Steel Man" and "Saints". But fans who have seen Brown in these two games must be very clear, and Brown has a lot of confidence in getting this record. But it also proves that Brown's strength can completely compete with the championship team, Brown is really not weak!

The Jets have 20th in the past two weeks, the 12th on the road, the 8th in the defense, and the 13th in the run. It is exactly what the team played in the playoffs. But the lions who are still snoring in the opening season and the dolphins that silently beat soy sauce are the source of the illusion that the jet seems to be a bit strong.

Such a pair of opponents who are evenly matched, this game has a good look!

​ Gore continues to set a new record. The number of rushing balls jumps to the fourth in NFL history. authentic stitched jerseys from china

In this round of regular season, the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets are not looking at each other, but a veteran has been included in the history of the NFL. This summer, the Dolphins signed a one-year contract with running back Frank Gore, who was only 15 yards away from the fourth place in the NFL history. Although face Jet Gore is not as good as the previous Tennessee Titans, it is enough to help him break the record.


When the game went to the third quarter, Frank Gore completed a 5-yard rush, and he overtook the legendary running back Kurtis Martin, ranked fourth in league history with 14103 yards. Gore's career rush is now only second to Emmett-Smith (18355), Walter Payton (16726) and Barry Sanders (15269), all of whom have been elected to the Hall of Fame.

In the face of the jet, Gore rushed for 25 yards on the 9th. In the final stage of the fourth quarter, the team faced a key shift of three blocks and 19 yards. Ryan Tannhill saw the distant receiving targets being stared.  she found Frank Gore, who took the ball and took 19 yards to get the first attack, helping the team complete a key transition and seal the victory. When the game is over, Gore will break the record game and collect the ball. The jet fans on the scene also pay tribute to the veteran.

For the NFL running backs, the 30-year-old is a mountain of career. From here on, they need to prove that their abilities are not weak. Frank Gore is 35 years old and he is called "not old running guard" by the fans. After the game, Gore talked about his milestone: "This is very important to me. I once suspected myself. When I first graduated from college, I was hurt. I said that I was at the top of the league. I can be mixed for three authentic stitched jerseys from china years, then I am finished. I am very fortunate to be able to move on and succeed, and to be able to work with Amit, Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Curtis Martin and my good friend Rada. Ryan Tomlinson is my honor, they are my childhood idols."

Frank Gore once tore the cruciate ligament twice in college, then slipped to the third round in the draft, and was taken away by 49ers in San Francisco in 2005. Since then, what Gore has done is to let those who question him To shut up. In 2006-2014, Gore rushed for more than a thousand yards in eight seasons in nine seasons. Although he did not extend this record during the 2015 season with the Pony, he completed another thousand yards in 2016. Even more impressive is that Gore has not missed the competition since 2010.


Compared with the record, Gore pays more attention to the victory of the game: "We want to win the next game, the record will be broken sooner or later. We are here to win the game, I want to cheap jerseys wholesale help the team win, when the ball is handed over When I am in my hands, I will do my best to advance. The fruits of victory belong to us all."

Just breaking the milestone of personal rushing yards, Gore's next goal is to reach the number of touchdowns. Currently he needs 5 touchdowns to reach 100 touchdowns and become the discount baseball jerseys 25th player in the NFL history.

On the court, The beard COS is in the limelight. sports jerseys wholesale

The two weeks before the 2018 NFL season regular season have basically ended. There is no doubt that the biggest surprise in these two weeks is Tampa Bay pirate quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Pirates' season prospects are not optimistic, but Fitzpatrick led them to the New Orleans Saints and the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles, scoring 400+ push yards and 4 touchdowns in two consecutive games. The quarterback, who is nearing the end of his career, takes the Pirates' offense to a new level.

In the face of the mighty Philadelphia Eagles, Fitzpatrick's first pass found DeShawn Jackson to complete the 85-yard touchdown, helping the Pirates to bring the 7-0 into the game, and then he helped the near-end OJ Howard complete the game. 75 yards of touchdown. The whole game threw out 402 yards and 4 touchdowns, and the Pirates also successfully won the victory in 27-21, leading the National League South. After the game, Fitzpatrick talked about his own play: "This is nothing, buddy. We want to keep a low profile."

If the bearded man is doing this, they may not be able to keep a low profile. They scored 8 passes and two rushing touchdowns in two consecutive games. Fitzpatrick has completely make the people forget  Mies Winston sitting under the sun visor. "Wonderful game." After the game, Winston sent a message to the whole team, which was slightly bitter. Against the Hawks, Fitzpatrick threw a two-character transfer, according to ESPN data, he has four times 50 yards in the first two games of the season to touchdown, has been flat the league Record 1972 Joe Namas set . At the same time, he was also the first quarterback in the history of the Pirates to send 4 touchdowns in two consecutive games. The first player to throw two 75+ yards in the same game.


The field was full of limelight, and the field was naturally smug. After the game, Fitzpatrick, who attended the press conference, changed the image of the past, dressed in a pricey jacket, pulled the zipper to the chest and leaked his exuberant chest hair. The black sunglasses cover the fierce light in his eyes but can't cover the domineering spirit of the whole person, and then paired with two big gold chains. Is this a tribute to the boxing champion Connor McRee?

UFC fighting star Conor McGregor, known as the mouth gun, a loud and unfamiliar name, two years ago, even the most senior fighting fans, do not necessarily know who this is. Since last year, in the United States, even young people who never look at fighting know that he is the most popular star of UFC. McRae’s “mouth” is not surprisingly enduring, and it’s impressive, and it’s a cynical attitude. In fact, he is also private. When the day of boxing training comes, a shirt and a pair of sunglasses. And revealing the tattoo on the chest, this domineering wear is the most common daily dress of UFC.


In fact, Fitzpatrick’s equipment was not from himself, but borrowed from DeShawn-Jackson: “The clothes and the gold chain are DeShawn’s, but the chest hair is my own.” Fitzpatrick’s post-match The words made a funny laugh at the reporters at the scene. "He wears this dress really better than me." Jackson himself admitted. "The chest hair is my own," and this sentence is now popular throughout Tampa Bay, the best line to date in the 2018 season.

With excellent clothing taste, this is an extremely valuable advantage in the world of sports. Due to the aesthetic preferences of the public, a sports star, as long as the cheap chinese jersey sites clothing tastes good, even if the record is not good, there is no work, it will become the darling of the media, sponsors  first choice. There are Wade in the basketball world, Beckham in the football world, and Beckham and Newton in the rugby world. They only need to take a red carpet and take a photo, which will attract the media and the audience to keep their eyes open. Fitzpatrick inadvertently cosed McRae, his costumes are eye-catching, but temperament, not vulgar, is the favorite of the media and celebrities.

Javelin-like tall figure, clear-cut facial features, personality hair, we suddenly found that the original beard was also a standard type of man, exuding the smell of the king. However, this domineering is domineering, this dress still has to buy it yourself, the big gold chain can not wear other people's?

Fitz’s magic is about to change hands dolphins cheap jerseys direct

If you have completed an incredible game and got a nickname that is so cool, don't hesitate to sign up for a trademark for this nickname! Otherwise, this nickname will not belong to you.

The quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Fitzpatrick, faced this situation. In the first week of the cheap chinese jersey sites game with the New Orleans Saints, he threw 417 yards and four touchdowns to win the game, occupying the headlines of the major media. Many people use Fitzmagic to cheap jerseys from china describe his supernatural performance, including several newspapers using this nickname. In the second week of the game, sports jerseys wholesale "Fitz Magic" was also awe-inspiring. The beard once again threw out 402 yards and 4 touchdowns. The pass-through shot broke the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles and made him more enthusiastic.


The pirate team could have taken advantage of this wave of heat and made some peripheral products. It earned popularity and earned money. Everything came very well; until the representative of the Patent and Trademark Office and they said: NoNoNo, the name "Fitz Magic" has been Have a Lord!

Just last week, the Miami Dolphins rookie security card, Fitzpatrick, applied to the US Patent and Trademark Office for the trademark "Fitzmagic" for the purpose of producing goods and clothing. Although Minka-Fitzpatrick started using the nickname when he was in high school in New Jersey, he still had to admire his marketing team. With this wave of strength, the dolphins have completed a trademark “catch” on the beard.

Although not as bright as Ryan's performance, Minka-Fitzpatrick also helped the Dolphins also achieve a 2-0 start with their outstanding performance. As a first-round security guard, his ability to cover the area's defensive and strong cuddling ability is relished; perhaps soon, he will also prove to people with explosive performance that he is "Fitz Magic ( Fitzmagic)" is the Lord.

Of course, Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is proud of the spring breeze, doesn't care about a nickname. Maybe after the perfect cos fighting star "mouth gun", he will have a new nickname – Fitz mouth gun? It also looks very good.

The Rams are expected to sign Sam Faken cheap chinese jersey sites


In the game of the Cardinals on Sunday, Ram kicker Greg Zuerlein failed to play due to a groin injury. Although this did not affect the Rams' violent opponents, head coach Sean McVay said after the game that he might sign the kicker Sam Ficken to make up for the vacancy.

The Rams did exactly that. According to NFL Network reporter Mike Garafolo, the team is expected to sign with Faken.

McVeigh said sports jerseys wholesale at the post-match conference that he did not know how long Zul Ryan was going to be absent, and praised Heckel’s performance.

After Zul Ryan was injured in the warm-up before the game, the Rams abandoned the kicker Johnny Hecker as a temporary kicker. Hecker completed an additional shot and scored a 20-yard free kick. The Ram also completed sports jerseys wholesale three two-point conversions before Hecker was in danger.

NFL announces the best player of the second week: Bearded and Mahoms are both selected cheap jerseys direct

The NFL regular season ended the second round of the game, but the current round of the game is full of surprises, and those rare scenes have come to the scene. The Vikings slashed 22 points in the final quarter but they shook hands with the packers because of the kicker's 3 free kicks; Fitz Grand Master blew two 75-yard touchdowns to drive away the eagle; the chieftain Ma Hong was born two The game throws 10 touchdowns to break the record; Brown lost two games in a row because of the kicker; the wild horse  15 points behind actually learned to fight against the wind. The so-called big hero can be true, the real name is self-conceited, let's take a look at which players are the best week of the week.



Best offensive player: Chief Patrick Mahoms (quarterback)

The Kansas City Chiefs were very happy for their operations in the 2017 NBA Draft. Patrick Mahoms showed great strength in his second year of his career and won this round with the Steelers.  In the game, Ma Holmes made 23 hits on 28 passes, advanced 326 yards and scored 6 passes, and scored almost the full score of 154.8 points. According to statistics, a single game of 6 touchdowns, Ma Holmes has flattened the record of the history of a single authentic stitched jerseys from china pass-through. 10 touchdowns in two consecutive games, which is also the new number of touchdowns in the first two games of the NFL season; counting the last week of the last season, the first three games of the game, 10 touchdowns also broke Marcus. – Mario Tower 8 touchdown record. Relying on the best player of the United States, Ma Holmes announced the new king to the throne with strength, the chief is the strongest of the United States!


Best Defensive Player: Pony Darius – Leonard (Lineback)

The worst defensive team in the league, played a classic game, they constantly impacted Alex Smith, so that the red skin's road attack can be multiplied. Linebacker Darius-Leonard showed his eye-catching performance against Washington Redskins, completing 18 sacks, 1cubble and one make fumble, helping the Colts 21-9 take victory away on the road. Since then, the name of rookie Leonard is also known to more people.


Best Secret Service Player: Titan Dane-Krucker (Safety back)

When the quarterback Marcus Mariotta was injured, Brian Gabbert was on the verge of death, and the total number of offensives against the Texans was 150 yards more than ours. How can this situation win? At the crucial moment, the special team of the Titan team stood up. In a fake hunter tactic, security guard Kevin Bayard received a Dyan-Krück Shank after the kick-off, the latter rushed 66 yards to complete the touchdown, helping the team 20-17 thrilling to win .



Best Offensive Player: Pirate Ryan Fitzpatrick (Quarterback)

After the game press conference, Ryan Fitzpatrick put on a big gold chain and sunglasses, leaking out the exuberant chest hair, the strength cos mouth McRea. He has arrogant capital. In the face of the mighty defending champion Philadelphia Eagles, Fitz Grand Master once again picked up his staff and threw 403 yards and 4 touchdowns, letting the Eagles flap the Tampa Bay. According to statistics, Fitzpatrick’s average shot size is 13.4 yards, 2.8 yards more than the second Mahoms. He scored 50 yards in the first two games of the season to upload the ball touchdown. He has already set a league record set by Joe Namas in 1972, and he is also the first in two consecutive games in the history of the Pirates. Quarterback. Fighting the Hawks with one's own strength, and using his precise long pass to attack the opponent's defense team many times, is the deserved best offensive player of the League of Nations this week.


Best Defensive Player: Bears Danny Trevalan (Lineback)

The defensive team's glory is not only concentrated on Carlisle Mark, linebacker Danny Trevatan led the team to beat the Seattle Seahawks 24-17, 2 times to kill Russell Wilson, completed 6 times sacks. Trewatan and Mark are on the front line and will become the magic weapon for the Bears this season.


Best Secret Service Player: 49 people Robbie Gould (kicker)

San Francisco's 49ers Robbie Gould scored first in the league with a score of 145 at the end of last season. This week, when the players were collectively affected by Waterloo, Gould kept The last trace of dignity of the league's kickers. In the face of the Detroit Lions, Gould scored 3 of 3 free kicks, and withstood the pressure at the end of the game to complete the 36-yard shot to kill the opponent, making the Lions hate and returning to help the 49ers avoid the two-game losing streak. .

Playing rugby or playing a spy war? The Steelers built a cheap jerseys direct

At the World Cup in Russia this summer, the Swedish team gave us a real demonstration of what is called "Bourne". According to reports, the Swedish team coaching staff disguised as tourists, trying to mix into the South Korean team training base. Later, the Swedish team rented a house near the base of the Korean team and used the high-powered telescope and the camera with the telescopic lens to shoot the training of the Korean team. The South Korean team's response is to allow players to exchange jersey numbers when training, because South Korean team coach Shen Tailong believes that it is difficult for Westerners to distinguish Asian appearances.

For the NFL, things may be different. The situation on the court is ever-changing. Each team has a special tactical slogan. It is not like a football. The whole game is only executed according to one or several tactics. But as the saying goes, the heart of defending people is indispensable. Which team has no secrets yet? No, the Pittsburgh Steelers built a huge wall-shaped structure around the training ground to prevent game spies. This "steel screen" can cover one-third of the training ground.

As you can see from the picture, four black pillars of about three stories are built on the side of the training ground, facing an office building. When the team is training, they can raise a huge black tarpaulin to prevent being peeked.

Head coach Mike Tomlin talked about his own whim at the press conference. He smiled and said: "The purpose of authentic stitched jerseys from china this gadget is to let you guess and give everyone an imaginary space. I can only say that this stuff is useful. We will use them correctly at some point. I know what is going on, man, this era is so interesting, the sky is full of drones. We just did what we have to do, hope that the game can In a more equitable environment."


When asked if someone would peek in the opposite building like the FBI agent, Tomlin said: "We have had some difficulties here, everyone wants to know more, I think."

Tomlin’s words are not inconspicuous. TE Jesse James said that once he was practicing at the stadium, he found a drone flew into the training ground and seemed to be sneaking and very suspicious. Jesse James suspects that it cheap chinese jerseys may be a voyeur of other NFL teams. James said: "You can always catch some sneaky people in the parking lot. You don't know where they came from, so we have strengthened security. For training, there is generally nothing to snoop on, but we can't There will be some privacy to avoid, even if these things are not from the spies of other teams, it may be that the paparazzi want to dig a bit."

Although the Steelers' "steel curtain" can't block the so-called drones, it can prevent the ignorant of the opposite building. The Steelers are usually open to the media, so every day there will be a steady stream of news about the team. The team asks you to report things that must be allowed by the players. The reports must be carried out in the "sunlight" for those in the training camp. , I always think about digging some "unknown secrets" reporters, the Steelers are not welcome. Currently, the Steelers training camp is shared with the University of Pittsburgh football team.