8:20 on the 12th video live Eagle vs giant Guodong two strong who can get back to the state sports jerseys wholesale

The 20th week of the 20th-19th NFL officially started. First of all, the two tops of the country, the poor state of the season, the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants. Prince Star and Xiao Shen will bring you commentary on the game, so stay tuned.

What happened to the defending champion?

As the defending champion, the Philadelphia Hawks beat the Atlanta Falcons in the season opener with almost the same routine as last season's playoffs, making fans feel that the Hawks are still the eagle. But the next story is not so logical. The second week lost to the hot beard is still excusable, but in the past two weeks and consecutive small scores in the hands of the Titans and Vikings, the Hawks became the league's 8th start 2-3 champion. This is a very dangerous number, because the previous seven defending champions only the 1996 cowboys finally broke into the playoffs of the season. Fortunately, there is no good state in the four kings of the East, and there are still opportunities for the eagle.

Looking at the defending champions of the season, discount baseball jerseys one of the most intuitive feelings is that the offense was not as good as last season. Looking at the data, we will find that the league's first red zone touchdown rate fell to the middle and lower reaches of the league last season; the average score was 8 points less than last season; the slow heat phenomenon this season is also very different from last year; The ability to fix a hammer is not as good as it used to be. The fact that the Hawks, who haven’t changed their lineup, can’t keep a division champion is really eye-popping. Nowadays, the most urgent problem they need to solve is the running back problem. Blount’s departure, Ajay’s report, Clement’s continuous absence makes the Hawks rely on the efficient Smokwood and the old flying squirrel. And the fall of the rookie Josh Adams. Fortunately, this week's eagle's opponent, the Giants' road defense, was a mess.

How will Eli respond after Xiaobe’s voice?

After losing to the Panthers last week, Little Odell-Beckham became the focus of news in the face of media interviews. Then, in this game, Eli will make a targeted change, and pass the ball to Beckham for more far-reaching routes? I thought it was very difficult.

First of all, although the Giants' cheap jerseys wholesale rookie guard Hernandez has performed exceptionally well this year, the team's overall pass screening efficiency ranks only 29th in the league. Eli needs to be shot quickly in a shorter period of time to ensure that no pocket breaks occur. Secondly, the second-best show, Barkley, has performed so well, both in terms of rushing the ball and short-screening. This makes Eli, who is not too young, able to lead the team more easily and efficiently. Does Eli suffer to challenge the long-running attack with a significantly lower success rate? In the end, Beckham has become Ely's passing goal more than 11 times. He is close to completing 8 catches. He is already at the top of the league and wants more? This is cheap jerseys direct not easy, after all, the team's tactics need more changes. By the way, if Beckham can get 114 yards in this game, he will be the player with the least number of games taken since 5,000 yards since 1970. Of course, waiting for another record will be his. So, is there any reason for Eli to find more Beckham?

The 1 wins and 4 losses of the Giants and the 2 wins and 3 losses of the Hawks all want to win this victory, but for the two teams, it is far from the point of stepping back to the abyss, after all, the division's first name is only 2 Win 2 losses only. So for the two teams, the key to finding the future game in this game is the most crucial!

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