A series of problems finally caused a catastrophe. Giants coach and general manager was fired . authentic stitched jerseys from china

Last season's New York Giants had reached the point where they had lost their way to the playoffs. The team returned to the playoffs in the 2016 season, but it ended in the 2017 season with the worst record in half a century. However, no one could have imagined that the return to the playoffs in the 2016 season turned out to be a short-lived for the Giants. At the beginning of the season, the giant's offensive pillar, Odell Beckham, was repeatedly reimbursed for injuries in the final season. All the main wide receivers of the Giants were all injured. Young cornerbacks Eli-Apoll, Dominic Rogers-Cromati, etc were banned in cheap chinese jerseys the team because of the locker room problem. The most terrifying thing is that coach McAdoo has cleverly put Eli as a substitute, and after the injury of Beckham, his mediocre commanding ability is undoubtedly revealed. In the end, Eli-Manning is unmanned because of the wide receiver. The offensive line was rotten and the state of affairs fell sharply. In addition, the Giants' ground attack ranked the league's countdown, and the defensive team was as invisible. A series of problems finally caused a catastrophe. The New York Giants ended the season with 3 wins and 13 losses, while coach Ben McAdoo and general manager Jerry. – Rees was cheap jerseys from china fired with both squid. Last season was a disaster for the New York Giants.

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