Antonio Brown is absent from training. Is it really necessary to go after the Twitter storm? cheap jerseys direct


The atmosphere in Pittsburgh is getting more and more different. Due to dissatisfaction being affixed to the franchise label for two consecutive seasons, the running guard Levião Bell refused to report to the team, and in this training, star wide receiver Antonio Brown was absent. The once "3B combination" was left with only one person watching the ball in the training camp.




According to speculation, Brown's absence training should be related to his "transaction to me" statement yesterday. On Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Kansas City Chiefs 42-37. The team's rare start ended with a two-game losing streak and the players' morale was very low. The live footage captured Brown's disappointment with the offensive team coach Randy Fick Turner at the sideline. After the game, a former Steelman staff member said, "There is no big ben, there will be no Brown today."he Twitter counterattacks "not as good as trying trading I."


For absenteeism, Brown's agent, Drew Rosenhouse, only said that he had some personal reasons: "First, yesterday's tweet is not to say that Antonio (Brown) is responding to someone he knows, nor is it against trading. He doesn't want to be traded, any remarks about trading are gossip. Second, Antonio has some personal matters, and I have talked to the team management about this matter, his private affairs have nothing to do with the team. Third, he just wants to win, that's it. As for those pictures, it's just that he wants to help the coaches and teammates to win the morale and win the game. This is all the explanation for him, anything that steals the concept, any Guessing is a nonsense. You can infinitely magnify this little thing, and finally pass it on and beyond, we can stop it."


Head coach Tomlin said on Tuesday that Brown did not ask for a deal. He will discuss with the star WR how to use him: "I look forward to meeting him, discussing (absent) and other things. I won't explain in detail why he didn't come to training. These things are internal things. People sometimes have some negative psychology. We lose a game, and then there may be some disputes on the court. This is frustrating. We didn't play well and didn't win the game. We all understand that cheap jerseys from china we can solve it. We will use these failed experiences to educate the team so that the team can move forward better and make it part of our way forward." Asked if Brown really wants to be traded, Tomlin smiled and said: "Nothing."


In a weekly interview on Tuesday, Ben Rodrisberg said he doesn't believe that Brown will be traded. The team plans to sit down with Brown and his agent on Wednesday, because Tuesday is the team's rest day. At present, Big Ben cheap jerseys online has completed more than 100 connections with Brown for five consecutive seasons. This season, Brown won the league with 33 receivers, advanced 160 yards and got 1 touchdown.


In addition to quarreling with the offensive team coach, the mood also affected Brown at the end of the game. With 4 minutes and 59 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Big Ben scored in the three yards. Brown did not go to the team to celebrate, but a person walked back to the side alone, which caused media speculation. We have no way of knowing Brown's true feelings, because he left the court without answering any questions after losing the game.




"I think failure is just a setback," Big Ben said. "He is a good wide receiver. He wants to be the best in the world, and he may be. I think he was very frustrated at the time. but I really believe in Randy (the offensive team coach), he did not lose trust." Lost Bell, and now affects Brown, the best players in both teams have problems, the team encountered Two rounds of victorious, this is not a good start for the steelmakers who has the Super Bowl dream in 2018.

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