Bell is confident that he can stay in the Steelers,I know my value. sports jerseys wholesale

Alliance sources told ESPN reporter Adam Shaft that Bell plans to officially announce the news of the team later this month, but this does not prevent the Steelers from making meaningful deals. A few days ago, the Steelers put Bell on the shelf, claiming a second-round draft pick plus a "good player" to send Bell; and the cheap jersey wholesale in usa New York Jets once reported that cheap jersey wholesale in usa it is possible to get Bell through the deal. But Bell is confident that he can stay in the Steelers for the simple reason:

A normal-thinking team will use a high-scoring draft pick plus the backbone of the team to replace a player who can play only six games without a long-term contract.

Bell has been actively training in South Florida, even if he occasionally goes to the nightclub to relax. However, he said by phone on Monday: "It feels too bad to watch the game off the court. I want to play, I want to win, I want to go to the playoffs." When talking about his own problems, Bell kept his usual. In the tone, "I must stand on my own position. I know my value. I know that I can't play 16 games with more than 400 touches (if the Steelers don't give him a satisfactory contract)."

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