Bell still hopes to sit down and talk to the Steelers about the contract,”Bellless Steel Man” hope to end. cheap jerseys from china

Bell still hopes to sit down and talk to the Steelers about the contract. In fact, the Steelers have already given a $70 million contract this summer. However, the contract's margin is only $17 million, which is unacceptable to Bell, especially with his fellow runner backersTodd-Gurley and David Johnson who have received at least twice the margin.

In fact, Levi-Bell's return is a huge relief for the current steel team's weak road attack. From the sports jerseys wholesale second week to the fourth week, the average number of rushing balls by the Steelers was only 15.3, and the average rushing yards was only 43.3 yards. James Connor proved his first with a total of 97 yards in three games may be just a flash in the pan. To make matters worse, due to the weak road attack, Steelers' opponents can smash their top wide receiver Antonio Brown. The defensive manual for the "Bellless Steel Man" has been made by the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Delivered to everyone through live broadcasts across the United States.

Although Bell’s affairs have not been completely resolved, if the two sides can sit down and negotiate, rather than completely noisy, at least for the current cheap jerseys online Steelers, it is a good news.

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