Billicek offering “praese before kill” trick,greatly praise the Chiefs and Mahos cheap chinese jersey sites

The New England Patriots will be welcoming the Kansas City Chiefs' team this season. Although the Chiefs are often eliminated in the playoffs, the Patriots' status is not good this season, and the Chiefs  Under the leadership of Mahos are in the wind and water, in the face of such a chieftain, the Patriots head coach Bill Bilicek took the lead in offering this trick.

"He has a very amazing arm. He can pass the ball anywhere, giving him all the impression. He cheap jerseys online can quickly pass the ball to the receiver. He can always make the right decision, accurate and timely. The ball is passed to the best position. Even if they pass the ball in front of their own end zone, you must defend the ball in front of the end zone. We need to protect every corner of the court to defend his pass. His passing can cross the entire stadium. When talking about the chieftain's quarterback Ma Homs, Billicek kept praising the young man with a consistently indifferent expression, and then the old coach mentioned The entire offensive group of the chiefs.

"They are extremely dangerous. We can't just target one of their players. They have too many good players, quarterbacks, and wide receivers. It's a tricky problem."

After the praise of Billicek, Tom Brady also talked about Mahoms: "Although I don't know much about him, even then he is still impressive, his talent, he has too cheap chinese jerseys More excellent offensive skills."

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