Bills RB McCoy hopes to share the offensive pressure for Allen cheap chinese jersey sites

Rookie QB Josh Allen will be the first to start his career next week and he will receive the full support of his cheap jerseys wholesale teammates.

LeSean McCoy also has suah a plan,he hopes to change the bad performance with 7 rush to advance only 22 yards the first week of and share the pressure for the rookie QB.

McCoy said in an interview: "I want to tell all offensive players one thing: To have the best performance will help the rookie QB to adapt faster, especially those who are in skilled position. If he reads wrong, the ball is  difficult to pick up, and it has to work hard to pick it up. It may not advance the number of yards after receiving the ball.But it doesn't matter, receiving the ball will make the rookie more confident. The RBs will cause more missed cuddles and more damage to each others cuddle. It will give the rookie more advantages.Let him be more confident and let the victory more inclined to us. He is still young, he needs to gain confidence. This is what I want to say.Just carry out the task and help him share the pressure."

In Monday's game, Allen replaced when the third quarter of Bill was 40-0 behind Pittman and led the team to complete the only scoring advance. His 15 passes completed attempts only 6 times, advanced 74 yards, and was killed 3 times.

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