Brady and Gron: When no one is available, trust becomes the sharpest spear sports jerseys wholesale


The 41-year-old Brady often mentions the idea that when the quarterback and the WRs trust peaks, the quarterback and the WRs don't even need to use the eye to observe, as long as the pass is shot, the receiver Can shoot to finish the receiving. When the New England Patriots have no more receivers to use, the most reliable receiving point in the entire Patriots is the TE Rob-Gronkowski, who is also Tom Brady trusted teammates for many years. In the first week of the game against the Houston Texans, it was the trust between Brady and Gron that allowed the Patriots to finally win.


In fact, the Patriots of the 2018 season are not only weak in the position of the receiver, but also because the injury is unattended. Brady's connection with Gron propped up the Patriots' offense. On Gron, Brady found 10,000 passes. Take the example of last week's game. When Gronkowski was compressed by two people and there was no space, Brady took a decisive shot. Gron grabbed the ball between the people to complete the touchdown; At the end of the paragraph, Gron once again grabbed the double-handed sneak, flying and diving with a helmet to catch the ball, pushing 28 yards. If Brady's shot is a little slower for a fraction of a second, then the two passes will only be destroyed or intercepted by the opponent.


Although Brady always sends the toughest pass for Gron, Gron never disappoints. He doesn't even have to look at the trajectory of the ball, because he believes that as long as he can pull out a little space, Brady will definitely Put the ball into your arms, as Brady said, "I know Gron's body language, know his abilities, know his running habits, run the line. When I look at him, I know if I should pass it to him. You just need to give him a chance to receive the ball, he can turn the cheap jerseys direct impossible into a possibility."


Over the years, Brady's trusted receivers are nothing more than Randy Moss, Wes Wilk, Julian Edelman, Dion Blanche, Danny Armandola, etc. Now Rob Gronkowski is clearly entering this rank. For the next game against the Jacksonville Jaguar, Brady and Gron have been specially trained. The sincere cooperation in the past 9 years has made the close relationship between the two. They train together, play together, and become better rugby players. Trust and tacit understanding have solved all the pressure. For this reason, Brady will pass the ball to him without hesitation when he is being double-teamed by opponents. When the cheap jerseys online Patriots' running backs fell successively, the team basically lost the ground offensive ability. Passing must be the main theme of the Patriots' attack, and Gron is the most important factor. In the next game, he must face Jalan Ramsey's stalker, countless trash words and tight-fashioned double-team, Brady must also face the most violent rumors. But this is not a problem, because the trust between teammates can liberate the mind, let the player in the best state, turn into the sharpest spear, straight into the opponent's chest.

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