Bryce is also the champion: Mayfield achievements will surpass me cheap jerseys wholesale

Not only do the fans think that the No. 1 champion, Baker Mayfield, will be a great quarterback, and the active NFL legend Drew Bryce thinks so. Although not in a team, Bres is full of expectations for Baker Mayfield, who believes that one day, Mayfield will surpass his achievements.


"I think Mayfield is much better than me. He is equipped with all the quarterback weapons. His arm is amazing and athletic, and he runs faster than you think." This is The praise of the QB from a prospective Hall of Fame IV. You know, before Drew Bryce said this, he never dealt with Mayfield. The only relationship between Bryce and Mayfield is that they grew up in Texas. Next week's match against the Cleveland Browns will be the first official contact with Mayfield. So why is Briss so praising Mayfield? It turned out that from Mayfield's college, Bryce had been "sneak peek" at the young man.




The 39-year-old Brisby was 16 years older than Mayfield . When he was at the rugby world of Mayfield University, Bryce was attracted by Mayfield’s speciality. He looked at Mayfield took Heisman award, he also looked at Mayfield was selected by the Browns to become the No. 1 pick, and Briss even became a Mayfield fan.


"I watched him play in the NCAA. His college career has achieved great success, especially last year, his performance can be said to be historical. I was deeply impressed by the way he played, I think He has a lot of room for growth and competition.




Although Mayfield can only sit on Brown's bench to watch the game, Briss thinks Mayfield can be the self of authentic stitched jerseys from china the year. The temporary replacement was just to give young people more room to grow and learn. In that year, Briss only took a year to become a starter. Since then, Briss has posted 70,884 yards to his career, while maintaining a 67% pass and a Super Bowl.


Now, Briss only needs to pass cheap jerseys online 1064 yards to be able to surpass Payton-Manning, and he will become the NFL history passer. These achievements are only Unreachable numbers  for Mayfield, who has just been in business for less than a year. If Mayfield knows that Briss not only has such high expectations for himself, but even his own fans, this has made Meifield feel a cheap jersey wholesale in usa lot of pressure! Obviously, he was a newcomer to the beginning, and found that the legendary figure such as Bryce turned out to be his own "beauty brother". Presumably, Mayfield would not be able to sleep at night.

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