Chiefs defensive team is still very unstable,the Broncos are likely to achieve anti-kill. cheap jerseys from china

In the first three games of the cheap jerseys wholesale 2018 season, the Emirates have not yet accepted the real test. No matter who meets Patrick Mahoms, the opponent's defense team will be badly affected. On Monday night, Mahoms ushered in the evolution of quantitative change to qualitative change. In the last section, 10 points behind, Ma Holmes did not panic, the second gear 30 hits, the third gear conversion, even cut two touchdown reverse game. According to statistics, Ma Hamas's more than 300 yards of offensive data, 192 yards are obtained outside the pocket. Of course, this is not to say that the chiefs are all good, their defensive team is still very unstable. If Case-Kinan is a quarterback above the league average, the Broncos are likely to achieve anti-kill.

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