DeShawn-Jackson: Fitzpatrick feels hot discount baseball jerseys

图片1.pngThe Pirate quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick seems to usher  a career full year.According to the ProFootballFocus website, Fitzpatrick's first quarter of the season's quarterback score is the best in history, even surpassing Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

DeSean Jackson, the team's WR, is naturally very fond of this. He even hopes that after the ban of Jameis Winston's suspension, the team will still make Fitzpatrick the starting lineup.

Jackson told the NFL Network reporter: "He (Fitzpatrick) is now very hot.he can let everyone unite and play a wonderful game, it is worthy of respect. I think, should not let the people in the best state be replaced, This flame should continue to burn. It’s as simple as playing the NBA Jam.Make the one shoot well always vote.

"Although I have no right to decide, I believe that Dirk Koetter coach, (attack coordinator) Todd Monken, and others involved in the staffing arrangements will make the appropriate decision."

In the two games that have been completed, Fitzpatrick has sent at least 400 yards and scored 4 touchdowns. The current pass count (819) and passer score (151.5) are all in the league's starting quarterback the first. His pass-through number (8) ranked second, and the pass completion rate (87.7%) ranked third.

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