Defenders are prosperous, who is the leader? authentic stitched jerseys from china

In recent years, "Raytheon" Lewis, "Death Rolling" Dwight-Frini, "Clip King" Ed Reid, "Bubbly Head" Troy-Polamalu, Patrick Willis The gradual retirement of "Island Lord" Darrell-Reeves and others seems to have entered a famine era of defensive stars. You may not know that the 2018 season has gradually entered the golden age of a defensive team.

– Inside the defender, Watt doesn't have to say that Aaron Donald and Damcon-Sue are gathered together like a cheap jerseys direct dragon and a phoenix.

— The outside defenders, von Miller and Joey Bosa, are both in the West End of the United States. Carrill-Mark went to the Bears team and it seems that the team will create all the opportunities for him to cheap jerseys online brush the data.

– The lineback is slightly weaker, but there are still many people who think that Luke Kickley is the strongest defender and the best leader.

– Marcus Pites, Patrick Peterson and Jay Ramsey are all "closed corner guards" in the cornerback position.

– In the security position, the Vikings' Harrison-Smith's defensive area can almost reposition the security cheap chinese jersey sites guard position.

– Veterans such as Terrell-Saggs and Julius-Peppers are still playing the heat. Many of the above players have the potential to be selected for the professional bowl in the future. I believe their presence will allow you to focus more on the defensive team.

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