Earl Thomas Injury out season,Second-year safety backer Tedrick Thompson will replace Thomas’s starting position. cheap jerseys direct

On the afternoon of the US local time, the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Arizona Cardinals in the third quarter with a 20:17 score. The Seahawks cheap jerseys direct safety backer Thomas suffered a fracture in his left calf. In the offensive round, Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen successfully connected to the WR of the game, Chad Williams, and scored the score while also tied the score. When the team's medical staff entered Thomas to treat Thomas, several Seahawks players joined hands with Thomas and prayed. Some of the Cardinals, including the WR Fitzgerald, also came to Thomas to express their support. Second-year safety backer Tedrick Thompson will replace Thomas's starting position. Due to the conflict between Thomas and the team, Thompson cheap jerseys direct was ready to cheap jerseys wholesale replace Thomas at any time during the offseason.

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