In the face of the same area enemy, Dalton and Green to find the way to win sports jerseys wholesale


In the first game of the second week of the NFL regular season, the Cincinnati Tigers beat the Baltimore Ravens in the same area 34-23 at home, with the key killing of Shawn Williams to force the ball to drop, the Tigers let the Ravens Revenge two combos turned into a bubble. It is worth mentioning that they finally proved to the world that they are not “night blind tigers” with a victory in the night race. However, the way they treat night blindness is to take the victory before the night.


In this game, the Tigers' highlights were concentrated in the first half. In addition to the first wave of offensives to abandon the game, the other four wave offensive Tigers scored a touchdown. Despite the passing efficiency of just over 50%, Dalton still contributed 27 passes and 14 passes, 178 yards and 4 passes. The last time he scored four touchdowns in the half, it was already in 2013; however, in 2013, the Tigers scored 11 wins and 5 losses in the playoffs. I don’t know if Andy Dalton can lead this year. The 2 wins and 0 losses start the Tigers through the first round of the playoffs.

In addition to Andy Dalton, another attacking killer of the Tigers, A.J. Green, made a good eye in the first half. He received the first three catches and completed 43 yards. The important thing is to get 3 touchdowns. Two of them are in the Red Zone to catch the ball, whether it is to cut open cornerbacks, or to single-finish the defensive defensive, all kinds of red areas have everything. After talking about the efficiency of the Red Zone of the Falcons and Julio Jones for a week, Green told them in their own way, what is the Red Zone killer.

In two games, Green has made four touchdowns. To know, Green only contributed 8 touchdowns in 2017. According to this efficiency, Green is expected to break his personal record of 11 touchdowns in a single season. However, after achieving a 21-point lead, the Tigers’ night blindness seems to be attacking again, meaningless fouls and missed cuddles. At the same time, the offensive team began their sleepwalking. After four touchdowns, they continued five times. Abandon the kick and let the game resume its suspense. In the second half, Andy Dalton only sent out 87 yards, less than half of the first half of the yard, which was aimed at AJ-Green 6 times. Green only received 2 advances for 26 yards, if not for the Ravens The situation is sluggish, and the outcome of this game is hard to say.

Although the Tigers currently have a authentic stitched jerseys from china good start; but they will challenge the Panthers and Falcons in succession. If they are not careful, their two victory advantages will be sports jerseys wholesale lost. The key to winning and losing, and the key to opening the door to the playoffs, are still in the hands of Andy Dalton and A.J. Green.

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