JJ and TJ tied for the first place in the killing list, makes the family proud discount baseball jerseys

JJ and TJ,The performance of the brothers also makes the family proud, because their mother likes to show off their authentic stitched jerseys from china sons. "I'm sure that our mother is still cooler than us," TJ said. "She will definitely find the killing list and take a photo. Our name is cheap jerseys online squatting, which is cool for him."

"When you go to see the list, you will find that our names are tied together." JJ said: "We used to be behind the list, and now our name can finally appear in the forefront of the NFL killing list. It’s incredible. I am very lucky to have two outstanding brothers.”

Although JJ and TJ tied for the first place in the killing list, brother JJ pointed out that his brother almost said: "Today he got the best defensive player of the AFC Week, but you have to know that the cheap jerseys wholesale last month of the United States is the most Good defensive player, but I am cheap jerseys direct much cooler than him."

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