Jet vs Brown, the champion pk the flower cheap chinese jerseys

The third week of the NFL2018-19 season will be officially launched in Cleveland, with the 634-day undefeated Brown team vs. the New York Jets led by the Daniel.


Key points:

One is watching, one is fighting

During the offseason, NFL schedule experts must have conceived the big show of the champion pk flower  in the design of the new season, so the game was specially arranged in the National Night Games on Thursday night. However, as the first quarterback to be selected in this year's draft, the situation will be very different at the beginning of the third week. Champion Lang Mayfield is still waiting for the last moment on the bench, and the flower show Danod has already squeezed Bridgewater, and the veteran McCain is behind him, becoming the absolute jet  core of the season..


In the first game of the season, Darnold stunned the league and led the team's 48-17 bloody Detroit Lions in the first game of the Monday night game with a quarterback score of 116.8. However, in the second week of the home opener, although Danod’s 334-yard career high, but 61% success rate and 2 interception data is still very eye-catching, the team lost to the doomed Miami Dolphins who have to draw another year. However, this week, facing the 23rd in the league's defense, Brown's performance space is infinite.

On the Brown side, Mayfield’s debut seems to be getting closer and closer. Tyrol Taylor, who switched from Bill to the offseason, is still so bad. It will not be a compliment to pass the passing success rate of more than 50%. Of course, Brown's opponents in the first two weeks are indeed strong. Steelers and saints are all teams that want to win the championship. It is a victory to lose only 3 points in two games. This week's face is not strong, but the second-line defensive league's eighth jet, Taylor's pressure is still not small. If you can't successfully lead the team to end the 634-day winning streak, perhaps Mayfield with the winning gene will save Cleveland from the sky.


The champion is not on the biography

Although,basically has authentic stitched jerseys from china no chance to compete with Darnold, don't forget, Brown also has this year's No. 4 show Denzel Ward. And Ward is the opponent who will be in direct dialogue with Danod. Ward completed two interceptions to detonate the first energy stadium in the cheap jerseys online first week of the pass, but in the second game against Bliss and the big outside Michael Thomas, Ward was completely blasted.  He was challenged seven times, defeated seven times, sending 71 yards and one touchdown. This ups and downs do not know which side he will show when facing Darnold. But at least one thing can make him not so nervous, that is, the external group of jets is really not the same.


Change clothes, old love

The Brown team, who is recruiting and recruiting in the offseason, will inevitably clean the old minister. Running back Isaiah-Crowell is one of them. After contributing 4 years of youth to Brown and leaving 3,255 yards of rushing data, Crowell brought the talent to the jet. As one of the jet double-runners, Crowell has not a lot of chances in every game, but discount baseball jerseys like the first 62-yard home-run rushing touchdown, he is difference from veteran Powell.  This battle is facing the old master, he is familiar with the road, he added the new season anti-running still has not improved the Brown defense team, Crowell is expected to beat the "heartless person."


Refusing to abuse vegetables

Although 0 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss and 1 win and 1 loss have no small difference, but the strength of Brown and the jet is between the two. Brown has been in the 30th in the past two weeks, the 22nd on the road, the 23rd in the anti-transmission and the anti-run is the 23rd, but the ugly data is blamed on the "Steel Man" and "Saints". But fans who have seen Brown in these two games must be very clear, and Brown has a lot of confidence in getting this record. But it also proves that Brown's strength can completely compete with the championship team, Brown is really not weak!

The Jets have 20th in the past two weeks, the 12th on the road, the 8th in the defense, and the 13th in the run. It is exactly what the team played in the playoffs. But the lions who are still snoring in the opening season and the dolphins that silently beat soy sauce are the source of the illusion that the jet seems to be a bit strong.

Such a pair of opponents who are evenly matched, this game has a good look!

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