Jets CEO: Upward trading is critical authentic stitched jerseys from china


The decision of the Jets draft this year was once criticized. They chose to trade up upward in exchange for the pony's checkmark, and selected their favorite QB Sam Darnold.

Danod did not disappoint the discount baseball jerseys team. He made 21 passes in the NFL's first show, completed 16 of them, advanced 198 yards, scored 2 touchdowns, and was intercepted once. Jets paying the 37th, 49th and 2019 rounds seems worthwhile.

Jet CEO Christopher Johnson said: "I think it is critical to trade up to No. 3. This may be the most important decision made by the team recently at least for a few years."

When Danod’s pass was intercepted and returned to the touchdown, Johnson was on the way to elevator in the box, but he saw the replay.

Johnson said: "My heart sinks like other fans." But he said he believed in Danod's stamina.

Johnson said: "He has the mature that beyond this age, and his decision-making level also illustrates it. I estimate that his performance will not be undulant ,although various opinions will come over.But he has the ability to cope with stress. ”

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