Jets coach: It is too early to say that Danod is the base QB cheap chinese jerseys


Although Sam Darnold performed well in the NFL's debut, Jet coach Todd Bowles was not too excited.

Bowers said: "When we won a game, I can determine if he is the cornerstone QB after almost a hundred games.It is still too early to blow it up. Yes, we let him start. He also has the ability to start. But he has to face different situations every week. This team is still very young and needs to grow up. Of course, he is not immature, and he is very good in  some aspects. I also believe that He can adjust his pace in time.

Bowers insisted: "One game cannot determine his ability… Only every field is played and a comprehensive analyses can determine whether he is the son of the election or the garbage on the street. He has just played a game. There are still several years to wait."

Although Danod was intercepted by the opponent in cheap jersey wholesale in usa the opening game, he stabilized and completed 16 passes 21 times, advanced 198 yards and scored 2 touchdowns.

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