Josh Allen will be absent for at least two or three games cheap chinese jerseys


Buffalo Bill wants a break to help their rookie quarterback recover from injury.

According to NFL Network reporter Tom Pelissero, doctors have confirmed that Josh's elbow sprain does not require surgery to treat it. The draft No. 7 pick will be absent for at least two or three games, and the situation will require weekly observations.

Allen's injury is in the ulnar collateral ligament. The baseball pitcher who suffered this kind of injury usually needs to undergo ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction surgery, and Allen's ligament is not completely torn, so this operation is not needed.

Bill's head coach also confirmed that Allen's status now needs to be observed weekly, and the team hopes he will be able to return to the game after a few weeks of rest treatment.

At the same time, his candidates are very limited.

In last week's game, Bill's defensive team completed a wonderful performance in the end zone, forcing the opponent to choose a free kick. But substitute quarterback Nathan Peterman then passed the ball and was intercepted and returned to the touchdown, giving the victory to the Texans.

In the 15 times of Pitman's promotion of the season, ten final results were abandonment or conversion of the ball. Although this is only a small sample size, the 11.1% cut-off rate in his career has been the highest since 1975.

Candidates outside of Pitman are even worse. After six years in the Panthers, the perennial substitute Derek Anderson signed a cheap jersey wholesale in usa contract a week ago, and the team cheap jerseys online had hoped he could become Allen's mentor.

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