Just a bad WR? The offensive problem is much more than you think. cheap jerseys wholesale


The Patriots wide receiver's personal ability is too poor to support Brady. This is an obvious problem for the offense team. There is not much to say about it. Let's talk about a few hidden issues:

A, not only the defensive coordinator Flores's average performance, the offseason for the Patriots who betrayed the pony's offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels' performance is also very unsatisfactory. This season, the Patriots’ offense actually tried some fraudulent tactics, running the squad, and even speeding up the speed of the Codarel-Patterson into the jet sweeping attack, etc., but overall,  The offensive pattern is low and the success rate is low. The command of McDaniels is relatively mediocre. In fact, you can understand that in this new face, there are many offensive groups, and the teammates have limited tacit agreement. Instead of trying high-risk and high-reward fraud tactics, It is better to arrange it steadily. When the regular rushing and passing can't break the opponent's defense, the Patriots lack the flexible routine to surprise the opponent.

B.  the running team played very poorly. This cheap jersey wholesale in usa season, the Patriots' offensive average was 97.7 yards, and the league's 20th was not a bad result. Why can't the data reflect the badness of the running team? In fact, the Patriots' offensive data on the road is largely derived from the number of yards that the opponents are struggling to prevent and attack. However, when the first attack is strong, the two sides are hard-hitting, and the Patriots rarely take advantage. About seven or eight years ago, the Patriots' road attack was equally bad, but the pass-off attack was too sharp, covering up the road attack. Now the pass is not working, and the weakness of the road attack is more prominent. Almost every team in the league hopes to get a good road harvest in the first gear, and then change more in the second and third gears. The Patriots’ low initial efficiency is often forced by Brady to the second and third gears. At the point of the ball, the offensive flexibility is lost.

C. This week, Glonkowski, who was almost traded to the Lions, this season’s most impressive impression is that he has been repeatedly double-teamed. It’s not hard to understand that when the receiver is so configured, the opponent naturally Will be assured of the package Gronkowski, so the reason for the poor data this season is because of the opponent? In fact, this is not the case. This season, the "Blue Giant" suddenly seems to have lost its dominance. It rarely slams the opponent's short cornerback on the outside, and rarely catches the ball after a long distance. Crazy baggage, Gronkowski, who lost his dominant period, is still the cheap jerseys from china most trusted weapon for Brady in the third pass, but the effect of the game is like an ordinary near-end, not a peak in the peak period. He is in the game.

D. With the Patriots' offensive front line this season, only 24.2% of the chances are under pressure, which is already beyond the imagination, but Brady hit the ball with a hit rate of 36.8% this season, the lowest career; no pressure hit rate 72.3%, the lowest in the past seven years, is the 41-year-old Brady also unable to rely on it? In fact, Brady is still in a good state of the body, but this season's poor teammate performance, let him roar his teammates in the second battle, the third war and even disappointed to shake his head, career accustomed to three quarters to get off work, or one behind Quickly chasing points, such as sharks seeing blood, but the recent two teams are early behind the big score, so that Brady feels the desperation of not being able to reach the victory, lost the calm Brady, naturally it is difficult to lead this The team is moving forward.

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