Klopp: the player tried but wasn’t cool enough. It’s not clear what happened to Keita. cheap chinese jersey sites


In the second round of the Champions League, Liverpool lost 1-0 away to Napoli. Coach Claudio Klopp said after the game: "sometimes we play well, but when the formation is wrong, it is very frequent." Three midfield is very difficult to play. In this case, you have to stay calm, but we are sometimes rough. If you can play 0-0 in the end, then the score away from home is OK. But we did make a mistake before our opponents scored. This is the second time this season to concede a ball like this. "

"We have to blame ourselves. No problem. The players played very cheap jersey wholesale in usa well today. They did their best and did run, but sometimes they weren't cool or smart enough. When this happens, you lose the cheap jerseys wholesale game. "

Finally, Klopp spoke about Keita's injury: "I don't know yet, we have to wait and see."

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