Mahomes single-game 6 touchdown record takes you to analyze the secret behind the runaway sports jerseys wholesale


2017 was a very interesting year for the chiefs: they used the first round, third round of the season and the first round of the 2018 draft to trade for the new star quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Then in the opening war defended the champion Patriots, and then was regrettable. Interestingly, head coach Andy Reid once said that with Alex Smith, the chief's offense is perfect, but in the offseason, Smith is sold, and the chieftain's goal is to get Mahomes to get up quickly. The question is, who gave them such confidence?




As the first quarterback that the Chiefs have cultivated in their 30 years, Mahomes has the advantage of being able to pass the ball quickly and seamlessly connecting Reed's West Coast high-frequency offensive system. After studying for a year behind Smith, Mahomes successfully went to the 2018 season. The opener faced the most powerful opponent in the same area, Los Angeles Lightning. Mahomes scored 4 touchdowns and faced the second week. With the traditional strong Pittsburgh Steelers, Mahomes is like a passionate magician. He once again blasted six touchdowns to continue the first week of hot touch, and it is worth noting that he did not appear Any mistakes in the two games.




On Sunday, challenged the Pittsburgh Steelers, Mahomes threw three touchdowns in the first quarter. The fans in Pittsburgh didn't even have time to look around. The team faced a 21-0 pit. Then, the big lead led the offensive team to fill the pit. The good news is that the Steelers equalized the game before the end of the first half of the game. The game completed 39 passes from 60 times, advanced 452 yards, scored 3 touchdowns, and scored a rushing touchdown. The bad news is that they still can't contain Mahomes and his offensive weapons. Yes, they are very resistant, and they can continue to fight for a bomb or a king boxing. So you see Mahomes 21 points, leaving the Steelers the calm feeling.


According to statistics, in a single game of 6 touchdowns, Mahomes has already scored a record of the number of single-pass passes in Dallas-Dawson. The latter had 6 touchdowns in the match against the Mustang in 1964. There were 10 touchdowns in two consecutive games. This is also the new record for the first two games of the NFL season. The previous record holders are Peyton-Manning (2013) and Drew-Bris (2009). Charlie Johnson (1969); counted in the last week of last season, Mahomes's first three games of 10 touchdowns also broke the Marcus Mariota 8 touchdown record; the beginning of the new season At least 4 touchdowns were won in two consecutive games. The last one to play this record was Drew Bledsoe of the 1997 New England Patriots.




"Scorpio, I never thought I would get 10 touchdowns." Mahomes said in an interview after the game: "But I know that we have excellent offensive weapons, and coach Andy Reid is also very tactical. It suits me, so we have unlimited possibilities." This season, the chief's offensive team hit the enemy is like a wolf, and Tyreke-Hill is lightning fast. The Talaves-Kelsey small tanks are ready to fire.


The scary thing about the Emirates today is that their winning philosophy has changed from holding the defensive group's thighs to being always more than the opponent's points. Their offense retains a lot of short-running traditions, and also joins the university's tactical philosophy.

Legendary wide receiver Steve Smith praised DJ Moore after the draft: "When you see Moore, you think of yourself." In fact, in the daily news gossip, a "new star" will emerge in three or five days. Shining, the giants are finally rumored to be the gimmicks, but as you follow, these so-called big discoveries are all in one sports jerseys wholesale fell swoop.


However, Mahomes gives people a sense of promising future because he has three advantages:


Daddy was one of the best pitchers of MLB, and he was the sports DNA of God.

There is a head coach who is good at cultivating new people. Reed’s father is full of talents. When Mahomes first entered the league, he was still a piece of jade that had to be carved, but now the standard of passing action, the delicateness of micro-manipulation, is comparable to the complicated process before Nadal served.

There are a large number of high quality offensive weapons around.



Mahomes and Kelsey


If the opener is "Terlik-Hill show", then the game became the performance day of Travis-Kelsey, who took the ball 7 times and pushed for 109 yards to score 2 touchdowns.


For Mahomes, the young man has already discount baseball jerseys become famous in the world, and the gas of killing can be seen across the screen. What is even more cheap chinese jersey sites terrifying is that the whole league is dominated by his fear.

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