Many people who are injured and wounded, who can really make a comeback? cheap jerseys direct

Last season, the number of superstars reimbursed for injuries and injuries is too numerous. Can they make a comeback this season?

Aaron Rogers – Last season was not the first serious injury in his career. According to previous years' experience and he is still at the peak of his career, Rogers' return to full blood is almost no problem, because he has Jimmy Graham and Davant- Adams' two big-zone killers, Rogers, who just signed a super contract, may even hit the MVP.

Carson-Wentz – cheap jerseys online the knee injury at the end of last season, so that Wentz still failed to return to the preseason battlefield, but the knee injury for the quarterback, it will not be a devastating injury, the text I can continue to rest for a month, and wait until the state is 100% to lead the Hawks to the playoffs. It may be a better choice for him personally.

Andrew Luck – Just two or three months ago, people were still worried that Lack's shoulder injury would directly let him say goodbye to the football field, but the last three preseason games proved that this is comparable to the big Manning. "The pride of the sky" will certainly rise in the season after the serious injury.

David Johnson – The preseason Cardinals is in a state of strict protection for the DJ, but can see that Mike McCoy's new offensive system relies on an elite running back, so private prediction, DJ Will be copied in the new season two years ago catching the ball + rushing 2000 yards 20 touchdown season.

Beckham – Although it has not appeared in the preseason game so far, in the training before the start of the game, Beckham can complete the iconic vacant one-handed catch, and cheap jerseys direct recently just renewed a large one hundred million yuan. The contract, said that it is not practicing the fake style, I believe that the competitive state of Beckham has completely recovered.

J.J. Watt – Watt has played in the third week of the preseason and is in good shape. Nothing is more than three, Watt can not be seriously injured for the third consecutive season, with his personal ability, just return to the peak state of 80%, this is the strength of the league's top defenders.

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