Matthews’ foul will be used as a teaching video cheap jerseys online

   图片3.pngThe NFL will send instructional videos to clubs to identify the roughing the passer rules, including the controversial Clay Matthew in the second week of the Packers' match against the Vikings. Penalty.

In the game, less than 1 minute and 37 seconds left, 2, 9-21 leading packers had the opportunity to rely on a steal to seal the victory, as a result of the conviction of Cray Matthews maliciously attacked the quarterback foul Ineffective, Viking quarterback Kirk Cousins connected Adam Thielen to a 22-yard touchdown and tied two points to tie the score.

  Packer coach Mike McCarthy said at the press conference on Monday in the US time that Matthews "has done what the coach asked to do," which is inconsistent with Matthews' interview after the game.

 "To be honest, I don't know why I would be thrown a yellow flag." Matthews said on Sunday, "As I said, I leaned my head, lowered my hand and hugged towards the right range. I hope the league can tell the referee to adjust a bit because I don't know what else to do."

  In the first week of the game, there were 15 penalties for a malicious collision with the quarterback, which was 6.8 higher than the average of last season. The number dropped to six times before the second week of the Monday night game.

"It's hard," Viking coach Mike Zimmer said on Monday. "We were each sentenced to a foul. Eric's penalty is also that he didn't make a gesture. I think because of these The whistles are also the reason for the high scores in the current game. This is an offensive-led alliance."


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