Milik: Naples has created a lot of opportunities and deserves to win cheap jerseys wholesale


According to the Italian media, Napoli striker Michael  Milik gave an exclusive interview to Liverpool after their 1-0 win over Liverpool. 

In the interview,  Milik said: "We deserved to win today because we created a lot of opportunities in the game, it is a very important victory." 

"last season, we always played 433, but now we are starting to change."  Milik  said: "We have changed positions a lot in the game now, and I have a lot of links with Insinet."

Later,  Milik  said he would concentrate on the next league match against Satholo, and for Ancelotti, the Polish star had only a compliment: "he has brought us beautiful football, and there is no doubt about that." Today's 3 points is the best proof, now we have four points, if we play like today, we have a chance to authentic stitched jerseys from china qualify.

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