NFL announces the best player of the second week: Bearded and Mahoms are both selected cheap jerseys direct

The NFL regular season ended the second round of the game, but the current round of the game is full of surprises, and those rare scenes have come to the scene. The Vikings slashed 22 points in the final quarter but they shook hands with the packers because of the kicker's 3 free kicks; Fitz Grand Master blew two 75-yard touchdowns to drive away the eagle; the chieftain Ma Hong was born two The game throws 10 touchdowns to break the record; Brown lost two games in a row because of the kicker; the wild horse  15 points behind actually learned to fight against the wind. The so-called big hero can be true, the real name is self-conceited, let's take a look at which players are the best week of the week.



Best offensive player: Chief Patrick Mahoms (quarterback)

The Kansas City Chiefs were very happy for their operations in the 2017 NBA Draft. Patrick Mahoms showed great strength in his second year of his career and won this round with the Steelers.  In the game, Ma Holmes made 23 hits on 28 passes, advanced 326 yards and scored 6 passes, and scored almost the full score of 154.8 points. According to statistics, a single game of 6 touchdowns, Ma Holmes has flattened the record of the history of a single authentic stitched jerseys from china pass-through. 10 touchdowns in two consecutive games, which is also the new number of touchdowns in the first two games of the NFL season; counting the last week of the last season, the first three games of the game, 10 touchdowns also broke Marcus. – Mario Tower 8 touchdown record. Relying on the best player of the United States, Ma Holmes announced the new king to the throne with strength, the chief is the strongest of the United States!


Best Defensive Player: Pony Darius – Leonard (Lineback)

The worst defensive team in the league, played a classic game, they constantly impacted Alex Smith, so that the red skin's road attack can be multiplied. Linebacker Darius-Leonard showed his eye-catching performance against Washington Redskins, completing 18 sacks, 1cubble and one make fumble, helping the Colts 21-9 take victory away on the road. Since then, the name of rookie Leonard is also known to more people.


Best Secret Service Player: Titan Dane-Krucker (Safety back)

When the quarterback Marcus Mariotta was injured, Brian Gabbert was on the verge of death, and the total number of offensives against the Texans was 150 yards more than ours. How can this situation win? At the crucial moment, the special team of the Titan team stood up. In a fake hunter tactic, security guard Kevin Bayard received a Dyan-Krück Shank after the kick-off, the latter rushed 66 yards to complete the touchdown, helping the team 20-17 thrilling to win .



Best Offensive Player: Pirate Ryan Fitzpatrick (Quarterback)

After the game press conference, Ryan Fitzpatrick put on a big gold chain and sunglasses, leaking out the exuberant chest hair, the strength cos mouth McRea. He has arrogant capital. In the face of the mighty defending champion Philadelphia Eagles, Fitz Grand Master once again picked up his staff and threw 403 yards and 4 touchdowns, letting the Eagles flap the Tampa Bay. According to statistics, Fitzpatrick’s average shot size is 13.4 yards, 2.8 yards more than the second Mahoms. He scored 50 yards in the first two games of the season to upload the ball touchdown. He has already set a league record set by Joe Namas in 1972, and he is also the first in two consecutive games in the history of the Pirates. Quarterback. Fighting the Hawks with one's own strength, and using his precise long pass to attack the opponent's defense team many times, is the deserved best offensive player of the League of Nations this week.


Best Defensive Player: Bears Danny Trevalan (Lineback)

The defensive team's glory is not only concentrated on Carlisle Mark, linebacker Danny Trevatan led the team to beat the Seattle Seahawks 24-17, 2 times to kill Russell Wilson, completed 6 times sacks. Trewatan and Mark are on the front line and will become the magic weapon for the Bears this season.


Best Secret Service Player: 49 people Robbie Gould (kicker)

San Francisco's 49ers Robbie Gould scored first in the league with a score of 145 at the end of last season. This week, when the players were collectively affected by Waterloo, Gould kept The last trace of dignity of the league's kickers. In the face of the Detroit Lions, Gould scored 3 of 3 free kicks, and withstood the pressure at the end of the game to complete the 36-yard shot to kill the opponent, making the Lions hate and returning to help the 49ers avoid the two-game losing streak. .

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