No! Croatian court acquitted Modric authentic stitched jerseys from china


Luca Modric, who recently swept through the awards, has gained good news, according to British media BBC. The local court in Zagreb, Croatia, has cheap chinese jerseys decided not to accept the prosecution's case against him.

Earlier, Modric was indicted by Croatian prosecutors on suspicion of perjury in the embezzlement and tax evasion case of his agent, Machic. 

In March, Modric, the chief witness in the Machic case, described his move from Tottenham to Real Madrid in 2008, when he was sentenced to six and a half years in prison for embezzling more than 15 million euros. But he then fled to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and appealed. 

The main reason the cheap chinese jerseys Zagreb City Court dismissed the prosecution's case was that the Mamic case had not yet been finalized, so Modric's testimony could not prove false. 

Prosecutors had previously argued that Modric had lied about the terms of his future transfer fee with Machic, which he said were signed in 2004 but actually signed in 2008, when he had already left Tottenham.

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