On the court, The beard COS is in the limelight. sports jerseys wholesale

The two weeks before the 2018 NFL season regular season have basically ended. There is no doubt that the biggest surprise in these two weeks is Tampa Bay pirate quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Pirates' season prospects are not optimistic, but Fitzpatrick led them to the New Orleans Saints and the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles, scoring 400+ push yards and 4 touchdowns in two consecutive games. The quarterback, who is nearing the end of his career, takes the Pirates' offense to a new level.

In the face of the mighty Philadelphia Eagles, Fitzpatrick's first pass found DeShawn Jackson to complete the 85-yard touchdown, helping the Pirates to bring the 7-0 into the game, and then he helped the near-end OJ Howard complete the game. 75 yards of touchdown. The whole game threw out 402 yards and 4 touchdowns, and the Pirates also successfully won the victory in 27-21, leading the National League South. After the game, Fitzpatrick talked about his own play: "This is nothing, buddy. We want to keep a low profile."

If the bearded man is doing this, they may not be able to keep a low profile. They scored 8 passes and two rushing touchdowns in two consecutive games. Fitzpatrick has completely make the people forget  Mies Winston sitting under the sun visor. "Wonderful game." After the game, Winston sent a message to the whole team, which was slightly bitter. Against the Hawks, Fitzpatrick threw a two-character transfer, according to ESPN data, he has four times 50 yards in the first two games of the season to touchdown, has been flat the league Record 1972 Joe Namas set . At the same time, he was also the first quarterback in the history of the Pirates to send 4 touchdowns in two consecutive games. The first player to throw two 75+ yards in the same game.


The field was full of limelight, and the field was naturally smug. After the game, Fitzpatrick, who attended the press conference, changed the image of the past, dressed in a pricey jacket, pulled the zipper to the chest and leaked his exuberant chest hair. The black sunglasses cover the fierce light in his eyes but can't cover the domineering spirit of the whole person, and then paired with two big gold chains. Is this a tribute to the boxing champion Connor McRee?

UFC fighting star Conor McGregor, known as the mouth gun, a loud and unfamiliar name, two years ago, even the most senior fighting fans, do not necessarily know who this is. Since last year, in the United States, even young people who never look at fighting know that he is the most popular star of UFC. McRae’s “mouth” is not surprisingly enduring, and it’s impressive, and it’s a cynical attitude. In fact, he is also private. When the day of boxing training comes, a shirt and a pair of sunglasses. And revealing the tattoo on the chest, this domineering wear is the most common daily dress of UFC.


In fact, Fitzpatrick’s equipment was not from himself, but borrowed from DeShawn-Jackson: “The clothes and the gold chain are DeShawn’s, but the chest hair is my own.” Fitzpatrick’s post-match The words made a funny laugh at the reporters at the scene. "He wears this dress really better than me." Jackson himself admitted. "The chest hair is my own," and this sentence is now popular throughout Tampa Bay, the best line to date in the 2018 season.

With excellent clothing taste, this is an extremely valuable advantage in the world of sports. Due to the aesthetic preferences of the public, a sports star, as long as the cheap chinese jersey sites clothing tastes good, even if the record is not good, there is no work, it will become the darling of the media, sponsors  first choice. There are Wade in the basketball world, Beckham in the football world, and Beckham and Newton in the rugby world. They only need to take a red carpet and take a photo, which will attract the media and the audience to keep their eyes open. Fitzpatrick inadvertently cosed McRae, his costumes are eye-catching, but temperament, not vulgar, is the favorite of the media and celebrities.

Javelin-like tall figure, clear-cut facial features, personality hair, we suddenly found that the original beard was also a standard type of man, exuding the smell of the king. However, this domineering is domineering, this dress still has to buy it yourself, the big gold chain can not wear other people's?

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