Packers RB Jones is very happy to return to the team authentic stitched jerseys from china

图片2.pngAlthough the league's highest-paid quarterback got knee injury, but this can not stop him from continuing to play. In order to give back to his wonderful performance, the Packer should use the excellent rushing offense to ease the burden on him.

At least after the return of running back Aaron Jones, the rushing ball should be improved a lot.

The two-year suspension of the two-year running guard has just ended. He was previously banned for violating the Union Drug Abuse Policy.

Jones said: "I feel that I can complete a very explosive rush. The first two games are not cheap jerseys wholesale what I want, so in the last preseason, I want to make sure I am ready for the week of the return."

In the Jones training camp, the hamstring was injured. In the preseason game of 8.30 against the Chiefs, he rushed for 9 times, advanced 34 yards, scored 1 touchdown, and completed 3 catches and advanced 21 yards.

Although the team ushered in a hundred years of commemoration, but the Packers have not exceeded 100 yards in both games. Jamaal Williams is the main rushe with Ty Montgomery as an assistant. The two rushed for 42 times and advanced 167 yards.

Head coach Mike McCarthy told reporters: "Jamaer and Thai are playing well. I know Allen's ability, but he will not take on the main cheap chinese jerseys task at present."

In his rookie season, Jones played in 12 games, starting four of them, rushing cheap jerseys wholesale for 81 times, pushing 448 yards and completing four touchdowns.

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