Pochettino: the opening goal changes everything. That’s the general level of Messi authentic stitched jerseys from china


After losing 2-4 to Barcelona, Tottenham boss Tottenham Hotspur coach Pochettino expressed satisfaction with the team's spirit and praised Barcelona star Messi.

"it was a tough game," Pochettino said. If you lose the ball in less than two minutes, it will change everything. When you face Barcelona, and players like Suarez and Messi, the team's mood becomes heavy. Therefore, I would like to congratulate the team because we have never given up, have been working hard. I was disappointed with the result, but we put a lot of effort into it. "

"however, against a team like Barcelona, it is very difficult to reverse if you give the opponent a lead. The most important thing is our spirit. "

Finally, Pochettino also spoke about Barcelona star Lionel Messi: "he is a very good player and, above all, Messi has proved himself in every game." This is the cheap jerseys wholesale general level of Messi authentic stitched jerseys from china performance.

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