Quietly operating during the offseason,the Cowboys are looking forward to recovery. cheap chinese jersey sites

Although the cowboy pass attack last season only the league countdown level, but the team's ground attack is still in the forefront of the league. However, considering that the defensive level of the Cowboys is only in the middle of the league, unless the Cowboys' runner backs are able to score 3 touchdowns per game, it is really difficult for the Cowboys to win. So in this offseason, the cowboys have painstakingly introduced young and promising wide receivers like Tavon Austin and Allen Heines, and retired from the team's meritorious veteran Jason Witten, the former All-Star wide receiver. In the cheap jerseys wholesale case of Bryant-Britt, the lineup of the cowboys has been steadily improved.

At the same time, the Cowboys also smashed the franchise label for the team to kill Wang DeMarcus Lawrence, leaving the squad to guard the defensive team. In addition, in this year's draft, the cowboy also cheap jerseys wholesale got the young linebacker Leiden Van der Esch, and the strength of the defensive team has also been steadily improved.

So in general, the Dallas Cowboys are quietly operating during the offseason, and the overall strength has improved, and the Cowboys are looking forward to recovery.

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