Raiders coach believes in passing to Cooper more cheap jerseys wholesale

Amari Cooper didn't have much chance in the first regular season after changing new coach.

2.pngCooper was only treated as a pass target three times. He completed a catch and advanced 9 yards.

New coach Jon Gruden has said that Cooper is the center of the offense, and the idea has not changed. On Wednesday, Gruden said that he should give Cooper more opportunities to catch the ball.

Gruden said: "When you watch the video, you will find that he has had a long-distance unmarked time, but we didn't pass the ball to him. He has no defense on several occasions, but we don't know why I didn't go there. We will work hard to improve the situation."

This sounds like a bit of a blame for QB Derek Carr? Former head coach Jack Del Rio also expressed the same view. After the QB was injured in 2016, the performance of the cheap jerseys direct pocket was not very good. Most of the time, he chose to take a quick shot in order to avoid being hit, which caused insufficient reading time indirectly .

Carr is more inclined to pass the ball in the direction of comparative insurance, and also created a team history record of nearly 180 yards in the single game of Jared Cook. 

    Carr said: "When I passed the ball, I saw a long pass, but there was also a chance to get the first attack. How to choose? There is no chance to come back in the game, Cooper may be able to fight the cornerback. But I am not sure, Cook can get the first attack, I am very sure about this. The coach and I also discussed, he said, 'As long as you see the opportunity, you can.'"

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