Steelers WR Brown did not participate in Monday training authentic stitched jerseys from china


After the training on Monday, Steelman coach Mike Tomlin did not reveal much information about the receiver, Antonio Brown. According to reports, Brown did not participate in the team training on Monday, but Tomlin was tight-lipped.


At a press conference on Tuesday, Tomlin was asked again about cheap jerseys direct whether Brown was absent, and this time he gave an answer.


"He didn't come," said Tomlin. "I will meet him today to talk about things including training."


Tomlin refused to give more details, and did sports jerseys wholesale not say whether Brown's absence was justified. However, refusal to explain itself indicates that there is no justification.


Tomlin also said that he will also deal with Brown's "trade me" tweet that caused an uproar on Monday, but the press conference is not a suitable place to explain. Tomlin clearly denied the possibility of Brown's request to be traded.




Brown broker said that the tweet is only that he is replying to an acquaintance, and does not mean that Brown wants to work for other teams.

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