Steelers fans are suffering! Home runerback repentance will not return to the team this week. authentic stitched jerseys from china

Is there still a fan of Le Weiang-Bell returning to the Steelers? Or is Fantasy chosen to keep the cloud and see the moon? If you have any, you have to be disappointed.

According to NFL Network reporter Judy Batista, Steelers believe that this veteran running back will not report to cheap jerseys wholesale the team this week.

Steelers will enter the cheap jerseys from china Wheels Week without Bell, and Bell is cheap jerseys from china currently in a contract-free state due to the refusal to sign a contract with the $14.54 million team.

Earlier reports showed that Bell will report to the team in the seventh week.

Even if Bell returns, Steelers quarterback Ben Rothsberger hopes that running back James Connor will continue to get the chance to rush. Although Connor's state is slightly ups and downs, he has shown enough potential.

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