Teach you how to watch NFL rubgy matches:Location responsibility authentic stitched jerseys from china

Offensive side:

After the start of the ball, the center gives the ball to the quarterback and blocks the impact of the opposing defenders.

The quarterback is responsible for passing the ball or handing the ball to the running back.

Two guards and two tackles blocked the opposing defenders and were responsible for protecting the quarterback or opening the way for the running back.

2~4 wide receivers started to run the route and ready to catch the ball.

1~2 runnerbacks took the ball and charged.

1~2 tight-ends need to block the impact of the opposing defenders, and if necessary, pick up the quarterback pass.


The defensive front line or the first line usually refers to the defensive front line players, including the defensive tackle and the defensive end. They attack the striker with the opponent's attacking striker and control the starting line.

The linebacker is the inside linebacker and cheap jerseys wholesale the linebacker. The general outside linebacker is responsible for the rushing (attacking the quarterback) and the outside defense. The linebacker is responsible for the defense of the middle road and can also be rushed if necessary.

Cornerback and Safety Guard defensive quarterback passes to the wide receiver and assists in intercepting the ball.


The new fans will ask why the referee will throw a yellow handkerchief?

In fact, each referee has a yellow flag at the waist. When there are fouls and violations on the field, the yellow flag is directly thrown into the field. All penalties are made by the referee and the assistant referee.


In addition to the head coach, each team has three coaches who are responsible for tactics, namely the offensive team coach, the defensive team coach and the special team coach. They are responsible for the tactical arrangement and daily training of their respective teams. Of course, there are also coaches. I like to be personally called tactics. The coach will hold a tactical board full of tactical code to block his mouth from being seen in the mouth, wearing a walkie-talkie, and shouting tactics to the quarterback or linebacker.

The head coach also has a special power to challenge the penalty. If the head coach thinks that there is a factual wrong penalty on the field, such as the conversion of the ball, the ball out of the ball, and so on, you can feel a red flag from the waist and throw it into the court to force the referee to watch the replay. If it is true that the referee misjudges, then the original judgment will be changed. If not, the challenger will be penalized for a timeout.

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