Texans’ safety Weier’s lymphoma has been alleviated cheap jerseys wholesale

Although the Texas players are currently performing poorly, they have received some good news on the sidelines.

On Wednesday, Texans officially announced that Andre Hal, a safety guard diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in July, has eased his condition.

Team doctor James Muntz said: "Andre Hall has received treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. His condition has improved a lot, and the attending doctor cheap jerseys from china also believes his condition is Gradually eased. Andre will continue to receive treatment."

Texas head coach Bill OBrien told reporters: "Andre has never given up hope of defeating the disease, and he is almost successful."

Hall was selected by the Texans in 2014. He started all 16 regular season games last season and has started 38 games in the past three seasons.

Howl said: "I just make sure that I have done everything I can. I never stop the rehabilitation training, like a demon, full of my mind only to return to the court."

I hope that Howe will recover soon.

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