The Cardinal coach said that he would use David Johnson more. cheap jerseys online


 The Fantasy players who took David Johnson should be crazy for the past two days because their investment has not paid off.

The goal of the Cardinals running back this season was originally a thousand yards catch and 1000 yards, but according to the current style of play (42.5 yards per game, 16.5 yards per game)it is hard for Johnson's to a total advancements of a thousand yards.

Under the new OC Mike McCoy, the Cardinals made Johnson a authentic stitched jerseys from china short-yard advancer rather than let him attack on the court.

Head coach Steve Wilks believes that some changes are needed, and he says he will use Johnson more creatively.

Wilkes said: "We have already discussed this.We will give Johnson more offensive opportunities outside the backcourt and let him play the slot and complete the match we want. Just give him some space, David's Offensive efficiency can be risen, and we have to be targeted."

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