The Falcon attack weapon Old injury recurrence, Lions star guard suffered another injury cheap jersey wholesale in usa

After the "baptism" of the first week and the second week of the night, countless celebrities will fall down one after another, unable to attend the next game, NFL teams are beginning to worry about personnel and lineup arrangements. Now, let's take a look at which stars will miss the next game. Here is the second-week report of the absence:


Falcon star running back Freeman absent for the second week due to a knee injury




The Atlanta Falcons running back Devante Freeman will miss the game against the Carolina Panthers. The Falcons lost an offensive weapon. After the lack of Freeman, the Falcons' red zone touchdown efficiency will even lose 7 success. It is reported that Freeman is recurring in the game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Freeman's knee injury is the shadow of these seasons. But the good news is that the Falcons revealed that Freeman's knees have not suffered structural damage. The running back may miss cheap jerseys direct one or two games, but the details need to be observed slowly. In the next game, the Atlanta Falcons can only mention Tevin Coleman to the starting position.


Tigers start running back Joe Mickelson absent for at least two weeks




The Cincinnati Tigers second-year running back Joe Mickelson was injured in the Thursday night game, and Mickelson had to choose surgery to remove the broken pieces from his knee for treatment. In the first two games of the season, Mickelson rushed for 94 yards and 85 yards respectively. Joe Mickson felt pain in his knees in the game against the Ravens, but the running back still filled the whole game. After the lack of Mickelson, the Tigers had to think about the next response.


Eagle veteran running Darren-Sprolls absent from the next match




The 35-year-old eagle running back Darren-Sprolls cheap chinese jersey sites suffered a hamstring injury during training in the middle of the week, but fortunately, Sprolls only suffered a slight injury, but considering the age, the Hawks still intend to Let the veteran play against the Tampa Bay pirates this weekend. Sprolls is an important three-season running back in the Hawks. Last season, Sprolls was outseason for his cruciate ligament tears, so the Hawks are now very cautious about the veteran.


The lion's strongest guard TJ-lang back injury




In the game against the New York Jets last weekend, the Detroit Lions star TJ-Lan was injured in the back, the brawny had to miss the next games against San Francisco 49ers. The 2018 season was not good for TJ-Lang. When he was in the training camp, he had a rest for a long time because of a foot injury, and this back injury was the old one left last season.


Giant lineback injury Oliver – Vernon injury is still unknown




New York Giants linebacker Oliver Vernon's ankle injury is unclear and will continue to miss the next game. Since Vernon's ankle injury on August 26, the cricket will not only participate in the competition, nor participate in any team training, Oliver Vernon may be absent for a long time because of the ankle problem.


Dolphin center Josh Weston season reimbursement




In the game against Tennessee Titans last week, the Miami Dolphins' starting guard, Seaton, suffered a shoulder injury. After an MRI, Sidon was diagnosed with a rotator cuff tear. The player is about to undergo surgery and misses the entire 2018 Season.

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