The best week of the regular season, who is on the list? cheap jerseys wholesale

After the NFL regular season ended the third round of the game, after two weeks of the best offensive players in the week, Patrick Mahoms and Fitz Grand Master gave the position to the other two teams to win the game, the firepower is fully open The big Ben and the Drew-Bris who made a hit and killed will succeed. The so-called big hero can be true, the real name is self-conceited, let's take a look at which players are the best week of the week.


Best offensive player: Steeler Ben Rodriguez Borg (quarterback)


"Victory will suppress all noise," the Steelers said repeatedly last week. In the fierce battle of the Tampa Bay pirates, the team should thank the defensive team for making four mistakes, and should also thank Big Ben. Losing Levião-Belle's road without support, Big Ben made 30 shots in the away game, hitting 353 yards, 3 touchdowns, and passing score of 120.7. "I am used to it," Big Ben said with a smile after the game. Before the end of the first half, the Steelers were left with 1 minute and 17 seconds, and the Big Ben 8/9 advanced  75 yards, and finally scored by Ryan Switzer. At the last moment, facing the pirate team's crazy counterattack, it was the Big Ben escaping a middle distance pass to find Zhu Zhu-Smith-Schuster to get the first attack, crushing the pirates to use the suspension and defense team to cheap chinese jersey sites get back quickly. 

Best Defensive Player: Bill Matt Milano (Lineback)


The biggest upset in 23 years, Bill's defense team suppressed the Vikings' offense by 6 points, and the road defense only released 14 yards, which is inseparable from the merits of linebacker Matt Mirano. The little-known Milano was selected by Bill last year. He only started five games in his rookie season. This season, Raymond Humber became the main force of the weak side linebacker. In the face of the Super Bowl Vikings, Milano completed 1 sack, 1 tackle, 8 tackles and 2 destruction passes. The second-year player won the best  defensive player by his outstanding performance. 

Best Secret Service Player: Crow Justin Tucker (kicker)


Joe Flaco threw out 277 yards and 1 touchdown of data, but he did not do well in other areas, including passing accuracy and scoring efficiency, but the Ravens and the league's strongest kickers. Justin Tucker. Watching the team's offense repeatedly blocked, Tucker came forward and hit two consecutive shots of 50 yards or more (up to 54 yards) plus three additional points to help the crow win cheap jerseys from china the wild horse at home. Tucker is no stranger to the award, which is the eighth time in his career to get the best of the week.


Best Offensive Player: Saint Drew Bryce (Quarterback)


As the saying goes, "There is an old family, such as a treasure." Although Drew-Bris is 39 years old, his performance on the court is not like a veteran who is nearly 40 years old. Everyone likes to use "reverse growth" to describe him. In the face of the raging Atlanta Falcons, the team's defensive team has no power to fight. At this time, Briss stepped forward and threw nearly 400 yards and three touchdowns with a small 40-passer pass.  the old driver felt the pressure to punch the bag in front of the end zone, then a sudden brake to avoid two defensive players, and took the old legs to complete the 7-yard rushing ball. In the overtime, Briss once again sent a rushing ball to the opponent. 

Best Defensive Player: Black Panther Effie Oppada (defensive end)


What about Effie-Obda? He was the gang of the Nigerian descendants who had been abandoned by his mother in the early years and then stalked the streets, participated in the gang fire many times, and first contacted rugby at the age of 22. Against the start of the unbeaten Cincinnati Tigers, the Panthers defense front line is really no one available, so Opada ushered in his first career start, and he is also the first player in the NFL international player introduction plan to enter the list and play the game. 1sacks 1 interception , the Panthers defeated the Tigers 31-21, and Opada opened his legendary football career with a perfect debut.

Best Secret Service Player: Ram Blake-Contes (Safety)


The Los Angeles Derby, the Rams Secret Service team proved that everyone is an elite. Secret service player Blake Cannes in the Rams 35-23 win over Los Angeles lightning, two times kicked back to attack to get 51 yards, but also with a cover to knock out the lightning team to abandon the kick, help the team directly Score. I believe that this shiny third-year player will get more opportunities to play in the next game.

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