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With regard to the benefits of rugby, everything goes well, it allows you to overreact to a single game and a small sample. The absolute worst thing about rugby, when everything goes wrong, it will make you overreact to a single game and a small sample.

Then the Washington Redskins, along with their frustrating expertise, added another level of soberness to the experience: once again to control the short-term seesaw, and know that there is nearly 20 years of chaotic evidence that this small part of the mistake will become a Kill the monster of another season.

The problem with this team's 2018 version was not that it played so badly in the second (at home) game, and it didn't diminish, it eliminated all the good feelings of the first victory. That is to say, when players and coaches prepare for the third game of 16 games, they must also deal with public suspicion and suspicion, which seems to be an invincible enemy for this team. Not only can they be one of more than a dozen teams, they try to find out the identity and consistency of a sport that makes a living from weekly mood swings. After so many failures, bad news and loss of faith, Washington has fallen into an existential crisis. The burden of this team is to become better, to make people who follow them feel better, and at all Repressed anger and pessimism before doing this to stifle the hopes that existed a week ago.

This will be the case until Washington shows that it can be repeated successfully in the owner Daniel Snyder. It seems that the most important struggle for stability in the Snyder era has begun. The fan base, or at least the part of its payment, is eroding and the team can no longer cover it. The FedEx pitch's empty seats became a national story on Sunday, when the crowd at home opener was announced at 57,013, the team's lowest season starter in the 21-year season.

Brian Lafimmina, the new president of commercial operations, is working hard to improve the way games are presented in Washington, and by treating some issues honestly, he is also attractive to the humanity of Burgundy and the Golden population. Sometimes it is best to minimize arrogance and come to the crowd with humility to seek help. There is a feeling that franchises are now listening and are willing to change for people, rather than assuming that it always knows what is best for them.

Now, the team may seem like a laughing stock that has to bear its problems, but transparency may be a good thing in the long run. But there is a suggestion: Don't back down because of current criticism, and try to ease negative emotions by exaggerating family attendance. This strategy will undermine any goodwill that may be generated by honesty.

On Sunday, the crowd will once again be a story, because Green Bay fans travel like anyone in the sports world. If Washington can't play well, they will be louder than the Indianapolis Colts fans. Their cheers are The final stage of the competition stood out in the week. However, this happens when the franchise fails and is humiliated for a long time due to drama and dysfunction. If the organization ultimately corrects it seriously, it is not easy to recognize the truth and open the curtains during the transition.

Of course, the overall situation is not entirely related to the current team. It just hopes to win a victory to eliminate the negative impact of the Indianapolis 21-9 loss. The timetable is getting tougher: the next three opponents (Green Bay, New Orleans and Carolina) have a playoff record and excellent overall talent. The reasonable risk of starting slowly will turn the work of Jay Gruden and President Bruce Allen into a huge story. But Gruden did some of his best work during the stressful period. Although you know the team's poor modern history, this season is very young, and this 1-1 team's resume has a significant performance. Every low point makes the conversation hard here. But panic at this point is ridiculous.

"After Arizona's first week of victory, I don't think anyone has reached any conclusions," Gruden told his team. "We are very happy and won our first victory, but we know that this is a long season, and many things will happen. We will encounter many different types of adversity, injuries, wins and losses, we must Handle it better.

“As far as our identity and what we are good at, we are still in the early stages of the season, especially in terms of offense, but we are working in this direction. From a skill point of view, we feel quite right about where we are. That's right, but now it's time to put them in the right place, make them more comfortable, and switch on the third reduction. I think this has always been a work in progress. Every week is a different challenge."

If you want to read too much in two games, it's only fair to include this positive bullion: Washington, the NFL's defense for most of the past decade, leading the league in the third week. Only 247 yards per game are allowed. Both Arizona and Indianapolis failed to reach 300 yards with Washington. So far, only the Los Angeles Rams with Superman defense are much less than the Washington team.

Of course, discount baseball jerseys it's easy to counterattack: the Cardinals and the Colts will face most of the defense this season. But the point is that an overreaction will not be more or less legal for another overreaction. You can talk about lack of trouble; I can tell you that the defensive only allows 161 yards to pass, the most embarrassing in the National Football League, if the goal is to limit the pass, then the players perform very well.

If Washington continues to lack identity and vertical pass on the offensive end, it will be hit hard this season. On the other hand, if the defense continues to play the best defense in the league, even if the offensive struggles, the team will be very competitive.

After two weeks, the only conclusion is that you should let more seasons end before making any conclusions. This is reasonable, but since Washington has failed for a long time, it is almost impossible.

Therefore, every unstable week will feel the future of the franchise is threatened. Following a fickle team, there is a good record recently, which is a good thing. This is an absolute worst thing, focusing on a fickle team and having a record of fickleness recently.

But, hey, if the franchise still allows you to see it, at the stadium or at home, this may be better than it is now.

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