The quarterbacks drawn in this year’s draft are too exellent,gradually got the starting qualifications. cheap jerseys direct


Before the start of the regular season this year, the starting quarterbacks of each team were counted, and almost no strange names could be found. The names and personal brands are hard currency that can sell tickets and sell jerseys. The quarterbacks drawn in this year's draft, including Brown's May Field, Danaud of the small plane, Allen of Bill and Rosen of the Cardinals, gradually got the starting qualifications and showed considerable potential. Even fans who are disgusted with these rookie quarterbacks for various reasons are willing to stay in front of the TV and hope to see how they screw up their offense. No matter who the fans love, if you watch the broadcast, the NFL Alliance and the broadcaster will win, they will charge the advertiser according to the number of cheap jerseys from china cheap jerseys online viewers. At this point, abdominal black and belly honey are equally important.

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