Trippier: losing the ball from the start makes the game difficult. Messi is unbelievable cheap jerseys from china


Tottenham lost 2-4 at home to Barcelona and defender Trippier also expressed his disappointment in an interview. 

Trippier said: "We were disappointed to start with a 0-1 backwardness. It was a strange game, it might have been played 4-1, and then we pulled a ball back and the score went to 3-2, but they scored another goal." This also shows, the opponent grasps their opportunity. 

"against an opponent like this, it discount baseball jerseys was very difficult to start with, but we played a lot better in the second half." 

On Lori's mistake: "he made the decision to take the ball and we will defend him 100%."

About Messi: "you have to be involved in this kind of game. You dream of playing." Messi is unbelievable. When Messi cheap jerseys direct is in good form, watching him cheap chinese jerseys play football is magic. Barcelona are a better team tonight, but we also have a lot of positives. We are about to have the next game and we will recover and see what we did wrong.

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