Which teams will compete for the No. 1 pick? cheap jerseys direct

Brown – Although Brown's lineup has been strengthened (as in constant years), there is still no one or a certain number of core players who can lead the team to win. Brown can win three or four games. Burning high incense, but this number is still the result of competing for the champion.

Dolphins – In the offseason, they lost the stars such as Damcon-Su, Jarvis-Landry, and the free-market stunned, and the season will continue to make the last season seriously injured Ryan Tanniel Sitting in the core position, the dolphins will be the biggest contender for Brown's "contention".

Pony and Lions – These two teams are very similar, relying on their respective quarterbacks, and the weakness of the defensive team is worrying. If the quarterback accidentally falls, the two teams will have a hard time winning.

Seahawks – The sea eagle experienced a large brain drain during the offseason, and they seem to be consciously clearing the veteran for salary balance, just like the 49 people three years ago, the dynasty team that collapsed in an instant may be in the new season.

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