Who will become the code king in the offensive data? cheap jersey wholesale in usa

Passing the code king – the system is extremely biased to pass, Malvern-Jones and Gordon Tate two thousand yards catchers, plus the rising Kenny Goredi three arrows, three years old Matt Stafford is likely to be the passer of the new season.

The rushing code king – for a longer and bigger contract, Levião Bell has no reason not to make all efforts. As I said earlier, the importance of David Johnson in the Cardinals attack system can not be ignored. In addition, the number one receiver Marquis Lee was reimbursed for the season, it seems that the Jaguar's offense will be centered around Leonard-Fonette.

The catching code king – it seems sports jerseys wholesale that the world's strongest two catchers Antonio Brown and Julio Jones will remain the most powerful contender for the code king, and De Andre Hopkins (Texas) It is as fierce as the momentum of Michael Thomas (Saints). As mentioned above, Beckham, who has just signed a record high and an annual salary, is sure to stand up and prove his strength with data.

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