luxury apartment was accidentally stolen ,Antonio Blount angry and Throw things cheap jerseys from china

In the offseason this year, Antonio Blount rented a multi-million dollar luxury apartment in South Florida to enjoy the holiday. On the beautiful South Coast, Brown is a party carnival, night sing. But in April, the apartment that Brown rented was accidentally stolen and lost valuables worth $80,000. According to the situation at the time, this incident made Brown angry and unable to calm down. Brown pointed the finger at the security guard. He pointed at the security cheap jerseys direct guard's nose and yelled, and his mouth continued to pick up bad words. In addition, the emotional Brown began to smash the items in the apartment, the coffee table and the cup were all smashed, but this sports jerseys wholesale did not eliminate Brown's anger, then he actually grabbed a few vases and went straight to the floor. Throw it down near the pool, knowing that Brown’s apartment is 14 stories above the ground. Even more frightening is that Brown has thrown chairs and other furniture downstairs.

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