Steelers WR Brown did not participate in Monday training authentic stitched jerseys from china


After the training on Monday, Steelman coach Mike Tomlin did not reveal much information about the receiver, Antonio Brown. According to reports, Brown did not participate in the team training on Monday, but Tomlin was tight-lipped.


At a press conference on Tuesday, Tomlin was asked again about cheap jerseys direct whether Brown was absent, and this time he gave an answer.


"He didn't come," said Tomlin. "I will meet him today to talk about things including training."


Tomlin refused to give more details, and did sports jerseys wholesale not say whether Brown's absence was justified. However, refusal to explain itself indicates that there is no justification.


Tomlin also said that he will also deal with Brown's "trade me" tweet that caused an uproar on Monday, but the press conference is not a suitable place to explain. Tomlin clearly denied the possibility of Brown's request to be traded.




Brown broker said that the tweet is only that he is replying to an acquaintance, and does not mean that Brown wants to work for other teams.

Playing rugby or playing a spy war? The Steelers built a cheap jerseys direct

At the World Cup in Russia this summer, the Swedish team gave us a real demonstration of what is called "Bourne". According to reports, the Swedish team coaching staff disguised as tourists, trying to mix into the South Korean team training base. Later, the Swedish team rented a house near the base of the Korean team and used the high-powered telescope and the camera with the telescopic lens to shoot the training of the Korean team. The South Korean team's response is to allow players to exchange jersey numbers when training, because South Korean team coach Shen Tailong believes that it is difficult for Westerners to distinguish Asian appearances.

For the NFL, things may be different. The situation on the court is ever-changing. Each team has a special tactical slogan. It is not like a football. The whole game is only executed according to one or several tactics. But as the saying goes, the heart of defending people is indispensable. Which team has no secrets yet? No, the Pittsburgh Steelers built a huge wall-shaped structure around the training ground to prevent game spies. This "steel screen" can cover one-third of the training ground.

As you can see from the picture, four black pillars of about three stories are built on the side of the training ground, facing an office building. When the team is training, they can raise a huge black tarpaulin to prevent being peeked.

Head coach Mike Tomlin talked about his own whim at the press conference. He smiled and said: "The purpose of authentic stitched jerseys from china this gadget is to let you guess and give everyone an imaginary space. I can only say that this stuff is useful. We will use them correctly at some point. I know what is going on, man, this era is so interesting, the sky is full of drones. We just did what we have to do, hope that the game can In a more equitable environment."


When asked if someone would peek in the opposite building like the FBI agent, Tomlin said: "We have had some difficulties here, everyone wants to know more, I think."

Tomlin’s words are not inconspicuous. TE Jesse James said that once he was practicing at the stadium, he found a drone flew into the training ground and seemed to be sneaking and very suspicious. Jesse James suspects that it cheap chinese jerseys may be a voyeur of other NFL teams. James said: "You can always catch some sneaky people in the parking lot. You don't know where they came from, so we have strengthened security. For training, there is generally nothing to snoop on, but we can't There will be some privacy to avoid, even if these things are not from the spies of other teams, it may be that the paparazzi want to dig a bit."

Although the Steelers' "steel curtain" can't block the so-called drones, it can prevent the ignorant of the opposite building. The Steelers are usually open to the media, so every day there will be a steady stream of news about the team. The team asks you to report things that must be allowed by the players. The reports must be carried out in the "sunlight" for those in the training camp. , I always think about digging some "unknown secrets" reporters, the Steelers are not welcome. Currently, the Steelers training camp is shared with the University of Pittsburgh football team.

Antonio Brown is absent from training. Is it really necessary to go after the Twitter storm? cheap jerseys direct


The atmosphere in Pittsburgh is getting more and more different. Due to dissatisfaction being affixed to the franchise label for two consecutive seasons, the running guard Levião Bell refused to report to the team, and in this training, star wide receiver Antonio Brown was absent. The once "3B combination" was left with only one person watching the ball in the training camp.




According to speculation, Brown's absence training should be related to his "transaction to me" statement yesterday. On Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Kansas City Chiefs 42-37. The team's rare start ended with a two-game losing streak and the players' morale was very low. The live footage captured Brown's disappointment with the offensive team coach Randy Fick Turner at the sideline. After the game, a former Steelman staff member said, "There is no big ben, there will be no Brown today."he Twitter counterattacks "not as good as trying trading I."


For absenteeism, Brown's agent, Drew Rosenhouse, only said that he had some personal reasons: "First, yesterday's tweet is not to say that Antonio (Brown) is responding to someone he knows, nor is it against trading. He doesn't want to be traded, any remarks about trading are gossip. Second, Antonio has some personal matters, and I have talked to the team management about this matter, his private affairs have nothing to do with the team. Third, he just wants to win, that's it. As for those pictures, it's just that he wants to help the coaches and teammates to win the morale and win the game. This is all the explanation for him, anything that steals the concept, any Guessing is a nonsense. You can infinitely magnify this little thing, and finally pass it on and beyond, we can stop it."


Head coach Tomlin said on Tuesday that Brown did not ask for a deal. He will discuss with the star WR how to use him: "I look forward to meeting him, discussing (absent) and other things. I won't explain in detail why he didn't come to training. These things are internal things. People sometimes have some negative psychology. We lose a game, and then there may be some disputes on the court. This is frustrating. We didn't play well and didn't win the game. We all understand that cheap jerseys from china we can solve it. We will use these failed experiences to educate the team so that the team can move forward better and make it part of our way forward." Asked if Brown really wants to be traded, Tomlin smiled and said: "Nothing."


In a weekly interview on Tuesday, Ben Rodrisberg said he doesn't believe that Brown will be traded. The team plans to sit down with Brown and his agent on Wednesday, because Tuesday is the team's rest day. At present, Big Ben cheap jerseys online has completed more than 100 connections with Brown for five consecutive seasons. This season, Brown won the league with 33 receivers, advanced 160 yards and got 1 touchdown.


In addition to quarreling with the offensive team coach, the mood also affected Brown at the end of the game. With 4 minutes and 59 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Big Ben scored in the three yards. Brown did not go to the team to celebrate, but a person walked back to the side alone, which caused media speculation. We have no way of knowing Brown's true feelings, because he left the court without answering any questions after losing the game.




"I think failure is just a setback," Big Ben said. "He is a good wide receiver. He wants to be the best in the world, and he may be. I think he was very frustrated at the time. but I really believe in Randy (the offensive team coach), he did not lose trust." Lost Bell, and now affects Brown, the best players in both teams have problems, the team encountered Two rounds of victorious, this is not a good start for the steelmakers who has the Super Bowl dream in 2018.

The first week best of the regular season, Mahomes is on the list authentic stitched jerseys from china

The NFL regular season ended the first round of the game, the league's 32 teams also all appeared. Last weekend, in addition to the New England Patriots, the NFL was full of excitement. The saints will die, the packers will fight back, Joe Flaco will wash Bill, Mahoms will support the chiefs, and Keith Keenan will authentic stitched jerseys from china throw three steals of the Mustang but still win. Of course, the biggest surprise may the Browns stopped the 17-game losing streak on the Steelers. let's take a look at which players are the best week of the week.




Best offensive player: Chief Patrick Mahomes (quarterback)


Since being selected by the Chiefs last year, Patrick Mahoms II has been studying hard on the bench, and this season's opener is just his second debut. In the offseason, the team sold Alex Smith, who was in the middle of the game. It was clear that he had to support MaHomes. The fans originally expected him to join the germination this year, at least to adapt to the intense rhythm of the game. Facing the Los Angeles chargers of the biggest enemy in the same district, Patrick Mahomes in the second grade showed maturity beyond age, with 256 yards of advancement and 4 touchdowns dazzling. When he is under pressure, he can resolve the crisis, and he can also throw out amazing long passes, which is simply an enhanced version of Alex Smith. I have to admire Andy Reid's skill in training the quarterback. At present, Mahoms offense is more aggressive than Smith's.




The rookie quarterback is a perfect replacement for Alex-Smith


Best Defensive Player: Steeler T.J. Watt (Lineback)


This round discount baseball jerseys of the best defensive player of the United States spent Pittsburgh, but I believe that T.J. Watt would rather not want this award and do not want the Steelers to slap on the Brown team, it is too shameful. The second-year linebacker faced Cleveland Brown and played the shadow of his brother JJ Watt in the Texas. The quarterback Tyrod Tate, who was known for his flexibility at the foot, was dominated by Watt’s fear. The game scored 11 sacks and killed 4 times. In the last few seconds of overtime, it was Watt's cover that allowed Brown to miss a free kick and help the Steelers struggle to keep the draw.




Watt is a good man


Best Secret Service Player Dolphin Jacques-Grant (returner)


The Miami Dolphins and the Tennessee Titans played for seven hours because of a heavy rain, but this did not affect the status of the Dolphins returner Jacques Grant. The game was played twice by Grant's two kickbacks and got 125 yards. His amazing explosive power to complete a 102-yard kick-off return to the touchdown. The third season of Grant's new season has begun to emerge, and the selection of the best special agent in the week will greatly enhance his confidence.



Best Offensive Player: cheap jerseys direct Pirate Ryan Fitzpatrick (Quarterback)


When "Fitzpartick" became "Fitzmagic", veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick proved his absolute strength and long standby ability with the saints. In the 14 years of entering the league, Fitzpatrick’s impression has always been more typical than the above, and every time he plays, he can show good offensive efficiency. Although he is 35 years old, Fitzpatrick is still the hardest guy in this era. The "Fitz's curse" is circulated in the league. Every time he comes to a new team, he can always squeeze his opponent to become the main quarterback, it can be said that the career of seven teams is no exception. In the new season, the pirate's main quarterback, Jamies Winston, banned three games. Fitzpatrick faced the Saints 28pass for 21, pushed 417 yards to score 4 touchdowns, and another rushed to the touchdown. The passing score of 156.2 is almost full.





Best Defensive Player: Vikings Harrison Smith (Safety back)


Vikings SB Harrison Smith won the National League's best defensive player of the week, and his consistent performance helped him achieve this glory. In the 24-16 defeat of the San Francisco 49ers, Smith contributed 8 sacks in the backcourt, 1 kill, 1 steal, 1 successful pass, 2 made opponent loss yards, 1 impact Quarterback. Smith used the outstanding performance of the opener to tell later people, don't challenge his defense area.




Best Secret Service Player: Rams Greg Zur Rhein (Kicker)


The Los Angeles Rams' secret service team has been at the forefront of the league under the leadership of Fasal coach. Last season's Rams kickers, punters and returners were all selected for the professional bowl and the league. Killer Zur Rhein made a 40-shot free-kick shot last season with a hit rate of 95% and 46 additional points hit 44 times. However, the first free kick of the season, Zur Rhein lost shot at 44 yards. Then Zur Rhein hit four free kicks and three additional points, including on 55 yards free kick to help the Rams wash Oakland.




The match between Steelers and Brown proved how important it is to have a reliable kicker.