Steelers embarrassment, It is also difficult for inefficient Big Ben to lead the Steelers forward authentic stitched jerseys from china

In recent seasons, Big Ben has become accustomed to playing "health rugby" at the beginning of the season, but this season's steeler's embarrassment, almost forced to "full strength" in the field, now Big Ben has this strength? After four weeks, Big Ben cheap jerseys wholesale is now in the league's passing yard, and this season he averaged 353.5 yards per game, 46.5 times, both of which are career highs. It is discount baseball jerseys not easy for a 36-and-a-half-year-old grandfather.

This season, the ratio of short-to-medium-long pass is 64.2%, 21.0%, and 14.8%. It can be said that it is still a short pass, and the long pass rate is even less than that of the previous season. It can be a true hit rate of 70.9% this season. In the 28th position, according to the support of the TE and the running back, as well as the pig boy, Big Ben hit 83.2% in short-range passing, but due to poor support and unfamiliar tactical arrangements, Big Ben is in the middle shooting percentage is only 51.3% (59.3% last season) and the long-range shooting rate is 23.1% (31.3% last season). When there is no pressure, Big Ben's shooting rate is less than 70% (the league's fifth last), and now It is also difficult to lead the Steelers forward with five interceptions and one inefficient copy.