Hill was completely blasted by the Broncos,defense zone was passed 10 times cheap jersey wholesale in usa


After Talibu was injured, Hill, the backup cornerback, began to get a chance to play last week. The 2015 rookie rookie was completely blasted by the Broncos in the low temperature of the Denver Plateau this weekend: Hill's defense zone was passed 10 times, and he allowed the Mustang's external team to complete 8 catches and authentic stitched jerseys from china release 179 yards. And 1 touchdown. After the game, the professional football focus website gave Hill a score of 29 points. The second-line defense of the Rams in recent weeks has become unstable with the injury of Talibu sports jerseys wholesale and Peters.

Ward is always plagued by some minor injuries, if the injury will become Ward’s biggest trouble cheap jerseys direct

Last season's best defensive rookie Raldi Moore's schoolmate, Denzel Ward, is considered to be the most powerful rookie cornerback this year. He played well in the preseason: only a few yards in the cheap chinese jerseys first game. And there is good anti-running support; the second game has barely encountered any challenges; in the third game, he was called "stupid" by Brown defensive coordinator Greg Williams The back hurts. Although the injury is not serious, it seems that Ward is always plagued by some minor injuries: In the summer mini training camp, it was reported that Ward was affected by the injury. I don't know if the injury will become Ward's biggest trouble in his rookie season?

the league’s tendency to pass offense ,the cornerbacks have become more popular discount baseball jerseys

Nowadays, the league's tendency to pass the offense has made cornerbacks more important. When the Patriots' defensive team lacked enough rushing talent last season, they can still use the tight second-line defense to delay the quarterback. The ball is to destroy the attack. This may be the reason why the cornerbacks have become more popular in the awards in the past three years: Marcus Peters in the 16th season, Ramsey, who finished the second in the 17th season, and Ma Shawn, who won the first two in the 18 season. – Latimo and Teddy Vieste – sports jerseys wholesale White.