Quietly operating during the offseason,the Cowboys are looking forward to recovery. cheap chinese jersey sites

Although the cowboy pass attack last season only the league countdown level, but the team's ground attack is still in the forefront of the league. However, considering that the defensive level of the Cowboys is only in the middle of the league, unless the Cowboys' runner backs are able to score 3 touchdowns per game, it is really difficult for the Cowboys to win. So in this offseason, the cowboys have painstakingly introduced young and promising wide receivers like Tavon Austin and Allen Heines, and retired from the team's meritorious veteran Jason Witten, the former All-Star wide receiver. In the cheap jerseys wholesale case of Bryant-Britt, the lineup of the cowboys has been steadily improved.

At the same time, the Cowboys also smashed the franchise label for the team to kill Wang DeMarcus Lawrence, leaving the squad to guard the defensive team. In addition, in this year's draft, the cowboy also cheap jerseys wholesale got the young linebacker Leiden Van der Esch, and the strength of the defensive team has also been steadily improved.

So in general, the Dallas Cowboys are quietly operating during the offseason, and the overall strength has improved, and the Cowboys are looking forward to recovery.

Elliott’s state to fluctuate greatly,completely exposed the weakness of young people. cheap jerseys direct


Dallas Cowboys Running back to Izkil Elliott was because the "home storm" kept on was entangled with the league and eventually banned by the league for six games.

Before Izzil-Elliott was suspended, he continued to appeal to the league's ban, going back and forth between the court and the court, which caused Elliott's state to fluctuate greatly, and then added In the ban, Elliot is hard to provide enough ground threats like the 2016 season, which makes the cowboy opponents feel at ease with Dirk Prescott, so Prescott can't be as calm as 2016. Passing the ball, he must fight against the opponent again and again. At the same time, the ability of the wide receiver Dez-Bright is cheap jerseys direct degraded, and it is difficult to provide effective help to Prescott. Before the problems, Prescott is completely exposed the weakness of young people.

Cowboys’ passing attack ranked third in the league.Cole-Bissley 16 catches for the team first cheap chinese jerseys


the Cowboys' pass-through ranking ranked third in the league. Currently, the team receives the most Cole-Bissley. The 16 catches get 185 yards. Both data are For the team first. The two touchdowns of Tavin-Austin are the players who have received the most touchdowns. Only Austin and Jeff Elliot have received a touchdown.

Dez-Bright seems to have been forgotten,cowboy is still his first choice. cheap jerseys direct

The former Cowboys wide receiver Dez-Britt was left at home after being laid off, but he always wanted to return to the league. A few days ago, Detz said on the personal social platform that the cowboy is still his first choice. If the cheap jersey wholesale in usa fate of both sides is not enough, he can only go to others.

The following are the transactions or contracts signed by the teams in the receiver position since the first week of the NFL:

Dallas Cowboys sign Dent Thomson

· Oakland Raiders sign Brandon Rafael

· Philadelphia Eagles signed Marcus Wheaton and Jordan Matthews

· New England Patriots sign Benny Fowler

· Washington Redskins signed Brian Quaker, Michael Freud and Bashard Perryman

· The Minnesota Vikings signed Adrick Robinson

· New Orleans Saints signed Brandon Tate

· Cleveland Brown trades Josh Gordon to the Patriots

· Tennessee Titan signed Richard Matthews

Some of these names are now on the big list, but most of them remain on the team. However, this transaction record has a name that has never appeared. Dez-Bright seems to have been forgotten. The Cowboys will be released for eight seasons in April this year. His gradual decline has not matched the $16.5 million top-notch annual salary. The old age of Dez is no longer the horrible killer.

Dez-Bright seems to have been forgotten,cowboy is still his first choice.